Clarksburg Defective Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

If bike defects cause a motorcycle accident, the manufacturer may hold liability. Others in the chain of distribution could be considered liable for any motorcycle injuries, too. Victims of these accidents can work with a Clarksburg motorcycle accident attorney to review the parties that may be liable.

Types of Defects That May Cause a Motorcycle Accident

Production errors could ultimately stem from a design or engineering errors. The source of the problem could also originate with its parts.

The facility that is responsible for the manufacturing of the motorcycle or its defective parts could be liable for any resulting injuries. But there is also the potential to hold others liable, such as a supply store or dealership. This may be the case if its employees knowingly sell a recalled or defective bike or parts.

Certain types of defects are especially dangerous and may be more likely to cause an accident. An example is the brakes. If they fail, it could make stopping difficult or impossible.

If the wheels aren’t properly aligned, it can lead to losing control of the bike. It’s just as important to have tires that are in good working condition. Defects in the tires can include poorly constructed tread, leading to separation. This can increase the chance of a tire blowout.

Other parts that may cause or contribute to an accident if defective include:

  • hydraulics;
  • handlebars;
  • suspension;
  • accelerator;
  • frame;
  • wheel bearings;
  • fuel hoses/systems;
  • brake fluid reservoir;
  • nuts/bolts/screws; and
  • electrical system.

A Clarksburg motorcycle accident attorney may refer to an expert to testify regarding defects in these or other parts that could indicate manufacturer liability.

What to Do after a Defective Motorcycle Accident

It may not be immediately evident that a defect exists in the bike. However, there are certain steps that should be taken no matter what the potential cause of the crash. It could help protect a claim involving driver, or even manufacturer liability.

The first thing is to seek immediate medical attention if hurt and to see if others might need it. Even if there don’t appear to be injuries initially, it’s typically a good idea to follow-up with a doctor. What might seem to be nothing more than a small ache or pain could be much worse or there might be other injuries that aren’t immediately evident.

The second thing is to take pictures at the scene of the accident if possible. This should include not only the damaged bike and other vehicles that might have been involved, but skid marks or anything else that could be relevant to the case. A Clarksburg motorcycle accident attorney may use this evidence to establish how the accident occurred.

Another important thing to do after a motorcycle accident is to take notes. This is especially important if there are suspicions that something was wrong with the bike; it may be used as evidence to demonstrate manufacturer liability.

Write down what happened prior to the crash. For instance, if there appeared to be difficulty stopping the bike, make note of that. If it had suddenly started to wobble or anything else out of the ordinary occurred, jot that down. Try to recall what led up to the accident and what occurred during it. With time those details can start to fade from memory.

It’s also important to assemble medical records and other documentation that could help prove damages if a claim is filed. If time from work is missed, keep a record of how much and the amount of income that has been lost. Previous paystubs or documentation from an employer may be necessary in this case.

Try to get statements from witnesses, too. At the very least, obtain names and phone numbers so that if later on a Clarksburg motorcycle accident attorney is acquired, he or she can try to contact them.

Talking to a Clarksburg Motorcycle Accident Attorney after a Motorcycle Accident

It is also helpful to seek legal counsel if seriously injured, especially if it’s believed that something was wrong with the bike. An attorney can have an expert examine the motorcycle and offer testimony.

At The Miley Legal Group in Clarksburg, a motorcycle accident attorney can handle an accident claim and help determine manufacturer liability, or liability with other parties if applicable. They can provide representation in a motorcycle accident and/or defective product claim depending on the circumstances.