Common Prescription Errors in Clarksburg

A prescription error can lead to serious injuries or death. If you have been injured because of a medication mistake, you may be eligible to file a medical malpractice claim in Clarksburg.

Most Common Fatal Prescription Errors

Though the circumstances for any medical malpractice incident will vary and be unique to the victim, there are some apparent patterns when it comes to prescription errors, particularly those that are fatal.

Listed below are some of the most common fatal prescription errors:

  • medication not designed for your age;
  • double-dosing (this can happen when you take a brand name prescription medication and a generic medication that are actually the same drug);
  • poor interaction between medications;
  • mixing up medications with similar names;
  • overdosing;
  • underdosing;
  • taking medication with similar properties;
  • mixing alcohol with medication; and
  • failure to adjust medication when there is a loss of liver or kidney function.

Many prescription errors can be avoided if your physician or pharmacist takes the time to correctly explain the medication you are taking, the dosage requirements, any other medications to avoid while on the drug and so on. If you have any questions about your medication, you should talk to your doctor about it. However, if a prescription error occurs because of medical negligence, such as receiving the wrong medication or dosage instructions, you may be able to recover damages for your injuries through a West Virginia medical malpractice claim.

Prescriptions errors can result in serious or fatal injuries. You can learn more about prescription drug errors and filing a West Virginia medical malpractice claim by visiting our article library.

Contacting a Clarksburg Prescription Errors Lawyer

If you have been injured because of a prescription error and are thinking about filing a West Virginia medical malpractice claim, you should speak to a medical malpractice lawyer in West Virginia.

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