Clarksburg Prescription Errors Lawyer

If you have been seriously injured as a result of a prescription error, you may have a valid West Virginia medical malpractice claim. Medical malpractice in West Virginia applies not only to doctors but to any healthcare provider whose negligence results in injury.

To determine if you have a valid Clarksburg medical malpractice claim, an experienced West Virginia medical malpractice lawyer can evaluate the facts behind your injuries and explain your legal options.

Who is at risk of a prescription error in West Virginia?

Anyone who takes prescription medication is at risk of a prescription error. A pharmaceutical mistake can be dangerous for any person, but those who are already undergoing a medical procedure or those with a serious medical condition are particularly susceptible to the negative effects of a prescription error.

Because of their small size and weight, children are especially at risk of injury or wrongful death after a prescription error or pharmaceutical mistake. For them, an overdose or wrong medication can have dire consequences, and may result in the need for a West Virginia medical malpractice claim in order to recover damages.

Common Types of Clarksburg Prescription Errors

When a pharmacist or doctor makes a mistake that leads to a prescription error, it is often the result of carelessness or negligence.  Most prescription errors are preventable.

Common types of prescription errors include:

  • mislabeling;
  • prescribing or dispensing the wrong dosage;
  • prescribing or dispensing the wrong medication;
  • harmful interaction between different types of medication;
  • confusing similar prescription names; and
  • illegible handwriting by a doctor prescribing a medication.

Causes of a Prescription Error

There are a variety of causes of prescription errors in West Virginia. Some mistakes occur because of a simple miscommunication between a doctor and pharmacist, or a pharmacist and patient. Regardless of how the error occurred, the consequences can be painful, or even deadly.

Prescription errors can occur when a healthcare provider is rushed in writing or filling a prescription. Names of drugs can also get mixed up.

Most prescription errors can be avoided by taking extra time and care to assure a patient receives the right type and dosage of medication. A healthcare provider should be aware of a patient’s past history to prevent unfavorable interaction with another medication he or she may be taking.

Prescription errors can also result from experimental or defective medication. If a patient is not properly informed of the risks of an experimental drug, he may be seriously harmed. A medication can also be defective due to failure on the part of the manufacturer, distributor, or doctor in recognizing a defect which could result in a prescription error.

Any of these causes may lead a person to file a West Virginia medical malpractice claim against one or more parties. A Clarksburg medical malpractice lawyer can let you know if more than one party is liable for your prescription error injuries.

Injuries From a Prescription Error in Clarksburg

Injuries from a prescription error can be minor and self-resolving, such as an upset stomach or headache.

But some prescription error injuries can be more serious, or even life-threatening, such as:

  • cardiovascular event;
  • brain damage;
  • asphyxia; or
  • coma.

When victims experience serious or life-altering injuries as the result of a prescription error or other form of medical negligence, filing a West Virginia medical malpractice claim against those responsible may help to provide the victim with much-needed financial reparations.

If you have been seriously injured or harmed because of a prescription error, you may be eligible to file a West Virginia medical malpractice claim. A Clarksburg medical malpractice lawyer can examine the facts of your case, collect necessary medical evidence to prove your claim, and help you pursue compensation for your injuries.

Contacting a Clarksburg Prescription Errors Lawyer

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