Clarksburg Confidentiality Agreements Lawyer

All too often, cases involving medical malpractice in West Virginia at a nursing home leads to the signing of a confidentiality agreement. What this does is protect the nursing home that has been found guilty of nursing home abuse from being exposed to the public.

If your loved one has been the victim of nursing home abuse, it is important to consult with a Clarksburg confidentiality agreements attorney who has experience with nursing home abuse cases in order to protect your loved one’s legal rights.

The process of pursuing a case involving medical malpractice in West Virginia can be complex, especially when it comes to nursing home abuse. There are specific factors that apply to nursing homes which may affect the outcome of your claim for medical malpractice in Clarksburg, including confidentiality agreements.

The Dangers of Confidentiality Agreements

Due to the usage of confidentiality agreements, the nursing home currently caring for your loved one could have been sued and then settled a number of malpractice lawsuits involving nursing home abuse without you ever knowing it. That is because if a confidentiality agreement is signed, the public is never made aware of the lawsuits nor of the amount of money that was settled upon in a nursing home abuse case.

This is a serious danger to both nursing home residents and their families. First, it prevents consumers who are looking for quality nursing home care for their loved ones from knowing the real facts of a facility’s background. Second, if your loved one is the victim of nursing home abuse and you sign a confidentiality agreement it may prevent other abuses at the facility from being investigated, at least temporarily.

Serious injuries or deaths that are a result of nursing home abuse are typically something consumers want others to know about in order to prevent future incidences. However, once a confidentiality agreement is signed, there is nothing that can be done.

How a Clarksburg Confidentiality Agreements Lawyer Can Help

A Clarksburg medical malpractice attorney understands the concerns and need for justice that you have when your loved one has suffered abuse at the hands of nursing home staff members.

To fully understand your loved one’s legal rights or your family’s rights if your loved one has died as a result of nursing home abuse, consulting with a Clarksburg medical malpractice attorney who has experience in this area is an important step.

An experienced Clarksburg medical malpractice attorney understands the specific regulations that nursing home facilities are required to follow and how a confidentiality agreement may affect your nursing home abuse case.