Clarksburg Medical Malpractice Lawyer

The familiar phrase, “First, do no harm,” is meant to embody the idea that doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers should always weigh the benefits of a proposed treatment with the potential harm it might cause a patient.  Unfortunately, this concept isn’t always upheld and every year thousands of people are injured or killed because of medical malpractice.

When you are hurt or a loved one seriously injured or killed because of a healthcare mistake or medical negligence, you deserve compensation and justice.  You should not feel guilty for seeking help from an experienced Clarksburg personal injury attorney like those at The Miley Legal Group. To discuss your options and get on the road to financial recover consult with a Clarksburg medical malpractice lawyer.

Filing a Medical Malpractice Claim

Medical malpractice can happen to anyone and in any situation: men, women, and children have all suffered at the hands of negligent healthcare professionals.  Cases of surgical error are not uncommon, nor are failures to diagnose serious diseases like cancer or critical conditions like heart attacks.  In other instances,  healthcare workers sometimes fail to properly treat an emergency room patient, and malpractice committed by mental health professionals such as psychiatrists can lead to death, suicide, or murder.

At The Miley Legal Group our Clarksburg medical malpractice lawyers passionately believe that medical malpractice victims deserve to be fairly compensated for their losses.  Unfortunately, with all of the recent changes in the West Virginia state legislature, the potential recovery in a medical malpractice case is limited.  However, our attorneys fight hard to secure the maximum recovery available under the law for our clients.  You deserve nothing less.

How Much is My Malpracice Claim Worth?

Considering the compensation caps on West Virginia medical malpractice cases, injured or grieving victims are often concerned about what their case may be worth and if there is any point in pursuing a lawsuit.  You should not be afraid to talk to an attorney about your case: our medical malpractice attorneys in Clarksburg always perform a thorough evaluation of each case before moving forward.  This gives you the chance to consider the reality of the situation, ask us questions, and decide whether or not you want to continue.

To properly evaluate your case we review your medical information, solicit information from our leading medical experts across the country, then we make a realistic estimate about what you can expect to receive for your medical malpractice case.  We do this to ensure that your expectations are set and that we don’t waste your time – or ours – pursuing a case with little chance of success.

Contact our Clarksburg Medical Malpractice Lawyers

Healthcare professionals are not immune from making mistakes, but a medical malpractice case is about more than punishing simple human error.  If you have suffered at the hands of a negligent medical professional, trust the attentive, experienced, and responsive Clarksburg medical malpractice lawyers at The Miley Legal Group fight hard for your rights.  Let us fight like a tiger for you!