Common Hunting Accidents in Clarksburg

Although hunting is generally a safe recreational activity when precautions are taken, there are some common hunting accidents in West Virginia that sometimes occur at the hands of a negligent individual. If someone else’s negligence results in a serious Clarksburg hunting accident, it could lead to a personal injury claim.

A West Virginia hunting accident lawyer will sit down with you to discuss the details surrounding your Clarksburg hunting accident. An attorney can help you determine whether your injuries were the result of someone else’s negligence. In addition, a West Virginia hunting accident lawyer can gather the evidence you need for your case and fill out the necessary paperwork for your claim.

Common Clarksburg Hunting Accidents

Some of the more common hunting accidents in West Virginia are a result of the following:

  • misidentification of the target;
  • failure to see another hunter;
  • hunter who moves into the line of fire;
  • careless use of a weapon;
  • inexperience;
  • fall from a tree stand;
  • hunting under the influence of a substance; and
  • “swinging on game” (hunter shoots in an arc pattern, typically used in bird hunting).

Sometimes these hunting accidents in West Virginia are nothing more than pure accidents, but in many cases they are the result of carelessness, which makes them preventable.

Many of the hunting accidents in West Virginia could be avoided by wearing the required amount of blaze orange clothing, going through hunter safety courses and following West Virginia’s hunting regulations.

Liability in a Clarksburg Hunting Accident

Liability in a Clarksburg hunting accident could rest with another hunter, such as in the case of a shooting. A manufacturer could be held liable if an injury resulted from a defective tree stand. In many cases, accidents that involve a tree stand occur because the product is defective. A West Virginia hunting accident lawyer can help determine liability and your legal recourse.

How a West Virginia Hunting Accident Lawyer Can Help

A Clarksburg hunting accident claim can be complex; this is especially true if it is the result of a defective product like a faulty tree stand. Not only could a manufacturer be held liable but so could the supplier, designer, engineer or retailer.

While you focus on recovery, a West Virginia hunting accident lawyer will work to help get you the compensation you deserve. A hunting accident attorney will have experience with these types of cases and will know the best way to proceed with your claim.

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