How to Report a Dog Attack in Clarksburg

Being bitten by a dog can be a nerve-wracking experience, and one that can be very dangerous for the victim. Dog bites can lead to infection or can cause serious injuries, permanent scarring and disfigurement. If a dog has attacked you, here’s what you need to know about how to report a dog attack and your rights to recover compensation for damages you suffered.

Contact Animal Control and the Police

One of the first things you should do after a dog bite or attack is to contact animal control. This is especially pressing if a stray animal bites you or if the dog’s owner is not in sight. Most areas have an animal control officer who can pick up the dog and detain it for the required amount of time.

The dog may be under quarantine at the owner’s home or a veterinary hospital at the owner’s expense for observation. The Clarksburg animal control phone number is 304-624-1633. Report the incident to the local police too. The police will typically open an investigation and may fill out a report.  You will need the information they gather to assist you in filing a claim.  Most claims will be filed with the homeowners insurance company of the dog owner.

Know Your Rights

If a dog in West Virginia bites you, it’s important that you know your rights and options for recovery. West Virginia dog bite law imposes strict liability for dogs running at large. Section 19-20-13 of the West Virginia Code states, “Any owner or keeper of any dog who permits such dog to run at large shall be liable for any damages inflicted…”

Otherwise, you’ll have to prove owner negligence or that the dog bit someone in the past. A report from the local police may help establish the facts of the incident, which can be helpful if you’re trying to prove your entitlement to damages.

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