Clarksburg Electrocution from a Defective Product Lawyer

Severe shock or electrocution from a consumer product is among the more serious and life-threatening incidents that may result from a product defect. This can stem from products such as stereos, Christmas lights, extension cords, lamps, power strips, televisions and other electrical equipment.

Victims (or their families) may have legal recourse to recover damages from a liable party by filing a defective product claim. Those injured by a severe shock may pursue a personal injury claim, while families of victims of electrocution (death by electric shock) may file a claim for wrongful death with help from a Clarksburg defective product attorney.

How can a defective product cause shock and electrocution?

The following are just some of the ways that a defect could result in electrical shock or electrocution from a consumer product:

  • loose wires;
  • inadequate wiring;
  • on/off switches fail;
  • faulty wiring in the product;
  • wires reversed on receptacles;
  • installation caused damaged wiring;
  • poor wiring and construction;
  • wires not covered with plastic coating to insulate electrical current;
  • wiring in product coming into contact with metal part on product; and
  • safety precautions or warnings not included with the product.

Injuries Associated With Serious Electrical Shock

Burns are the most common injuries that can happen when someone experiences an electrical shock. Depending on the voltage, it can result in superficial wounds to the skin’s surface, moderate burns that damage tissues and internal burns that affect the organs. Severe burns could result in organ failure. And if the heart is affected, it may even cause death (electrocution).

Neurological damage can be suffered in a severe shock, too. Nerves may become damaged which may cause impairment of the muscle movement and the ability to feel sensations such as hot or cold. It may also result in sensations of tingling or burning.

Ventricular fibrillation is another type of injury that can be sustained as a result of severe shocks. Generally it requires the person receiving treatment through a defibrillator in order to get the heart muscles moving again.

What’s more, the individual might experience muscle contractions from the shock that throw him/her, resulting in broken bones, internal injuries, or head or neck injuries. This could cause additional injuries such as a skull fracture or spinal cord injury.

Of course, electrocution by a consumer product refers to electrical shock that causes death. High current and voltage may cause death, as well as lengthy periods of electrical shock. If the shock affects the heart, the risk of electrocution may be even higher.

Who can be held liable for severe shock or electrocution from a consumer product?

It will first need to be determined what the cause of the shock or electrocution was and if it was the result of a product defect. It may require an expert to examine the product and check for faulty wiring or other problems.

If it’s been determined the product was the cause, the manufacturer could be liable for the injuries or death resulting from the incident. Other parties in the chain of distribution process could also be liable in a claim for personal injury or wrongful death.

For instance, the product designer may be responsible for the defective design of the product. Or, if the problem occurred because of a failure to provide adequate warnings, the company responsible for that part of the process might be at fault.

Some claims stemming from shock or electrocution from a consumer product involve several parties. So it would be a good idea to consult with a Clarksburg defective product attorney about the legal options that may be available.

The Miley Legal Group handles product defect cases and can help those who have suffered serious injuries from a severe electrical shock, or families who lost a loved one to electrocution from a consumer product that was defective.