Clarksburg Internal Bleeding Lawyer

Internal bleeding is a serious and often deadly injury that may occur in a Clarksburg catastrophic accident. The medical complications present with internal bleeding can result in the need for surgery to stop the hemorrhaging and can create lasting complications. In severe cases of internal bleeding, death may occur because of blood loss, organ trauma or blood clots.

Clarksburg Accident Trauma Can Cause Internal Bleeding

When you or a loved one is in a serious West Virginia accident, you run the risk of sustaining an injury that results in internal bleeding. Some of the common types of West Virginia accidents that often result in internal bleeding include car accidents and slip and fall incidents.

Blunt trauma is the most common cause of internal bleeding in a West Virginia accident. The impact of force against internal organs can cause them to bleed, resulting not only in blood loss but also in organ damage. A blunt trauma to bones can cause fractured pieces to sever blood vessels, also resulting in internal bleeding.

Another type of trauma that may result from a West Virginia accident is known as deceleration trauma. This happens when the body stops abruptly, such as hitting the air bag or seat belt in a car accident or landing on the pavement from a fall. When this occurs, organs may shift inside the body, causing bruising and damage. Blood vessels can also tear when they strike hard objects such as bone or are stressed to the point of breaking.

Recovering from a West Virginia Accident and Internal Bleeding

When you have been in a West Virginia accident of any kind, you should watch for the signs of internal bleeding. The symptoms vary depending on where the bleeding is located. Cranial hemorrhaging can be suspected when severe headaches, confusion and coma are present. Internal bleeding in the abdomen is often diagnosed when patients vomit blood, experience blood in urine or stools or have pain, tenderness and discoloration.

You should receive a thorough medical examination immediately following a West Virginia accident to make sure none of the signs of internal bleeding are present. In some cases, the symptoms may not show for a few days, so careful monitoring of your health is important. Speak to a doctor if you are concerned with any abnormalities in your body.

If internal bleeding is discovered, it should be treated immediately to avoid further damage. Treatments include blood transfusions, surgery to repair damaged blood vessels and medications to break up blood clots or stop the bleeding.

The cost of diagnosing and treating internal bleeding often accompanies other serious injuries after a West Virginia accident. If you or a loved one has suffered serious injury in a West Virginia accident, you should contact a Clarksburg accident attorney to file a West Virginia personal injury claim.

Contacting a Clarksburg Internal Bleeding Lawyer

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