Clarksburg Fractured Vertebrae Treatment

The treatment for fractured vertebrae after an accident in Clarksburg depends on a number of factors, such as the type and severity of the injury. While nonsurgical medical treatment can help some fractures, surgery may be required for others leading to expensive medical bills, which is why filing for a West Virginia injury claim may be necessary.

If you sustained an extension fracture the doctor must determine if the bones can be fit back together. If the fracture occurs in the vertebral body, you may be required to wear a back brace or cast for 3 months; however, surgery may be required if the injury occurred in the back ligaments of the spine. Surgery may also be used to stabilize the vertebrae fracture if the bone falls through the discs of the spine.

For flexion fractures, wearing a back brace for 6 to 12 weeks and going through physical therapy may help your body heal. However, if you lose a great deal of height in the vertebrae or experience pinched spinal nerves, a surgeon may go in to decompress the bones.

In regard to rotation fractures, physical therapy may help some people gradually increase their range of motion, while unstable injuries that threaten to harm the spinal cord must be fixed through surgery.

If your vertebrae were fractured during an accident in Clarksburg, you may be eligible to file a West Virginia injury claim to recover compensation that can help you pay for your medical treatment.