Clarksburg Fractured Vertebrae Lawyer

If you’ve suffered a fracture vertebrae during an accident in Clarksburg, your injury may require extensive medical treatment in order to heal properly. When another person causes your accident, whether through wrongdoing or negligence, you may file a West Virginia injury claim to recover damages for your physical and financial losses.

By working with an experienced Clarksburg catastrophic injury lawyer you may increase your chances of a successful West Virginia injury claim. Your lawyer may work with a team of experts to gather evidence favorable to your case, and can negotiate with the insurance company or even file a lawsuit, if necessary.

Causes of Fractured Vertebrae

Fractured vertebrae can occur as the result of several types of accidents. The most common causes of fractured vertebrae may include:

  • vehicle collisions;
  • sports accidents;
  • gunshots; and
  • falls.

No matter which type of accident you have experienced, you should have qualified legal counsel on your side to assist you with the West Virginia injury claim process.

Vertebrae Fractures Defined

The vertebrae are the small, round bones that make up your spine. These bones help you move, support your body, and protect the spinal cord, which is responsible for sending information between your brain and your body.

When your vertebrae are fractured in an accident in Clarksburg, the bone may break into different fragments that can pinch or even damage your spinal nerves.

Depending on the severity of your vertebrae injury, you could experience:

  • pain;
  • numbness;
  • tingling; and
  • paralysis.

Most vertebrae fractures occur in the middle of your back (the thoracic) or the lower back (lumbar spine).

There are 3 types of vertebrae fractures that may occur:

  • extension fracture pattern;
  • flexion fracture pattern; and
  • rotation fracture pattern.

Extension fracture patterns occur when the vertebrae are pulled apart. This is commonly associated with a vehicle accident, especially during head-on collisions.

Flexion fracture patterns fall into 2 types: compression and axial burst. In the case of a compression pattern, the front of the vertebra loses height while the back remains the same. An axial burst fracture occurs when both the front and backside lose height. This is typically caused by falls.

As with flexion fractures, there are 2 types of rotation fracture patterns: transverse process fractures and fracture-dislocations. Transverse fractures are rare, and occur as the result of extreme rotation. Fracture dislocation causes the damaged vertebra to displace adjacent vertebra, potentially resulting in spinal cord compression.

While some vertebrae fractures may be treated through non-surgical means, others require serious surgical intervention to heal properly. Therefore, you should hire a qualified personal injury lawyer to handle your West Virginia injury claim if an accident in Clarksburg caused damage to your spine.

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