Clarksburg Amputation Accident Injury Lawyer

One of the more severe injuries to sustain after any accident is the loss of a limb. This type of accident injury most commonly occurs with motor vehicle accidents (trucks, cars or motorcycles) as well as some workplace injuries or surgical errors. The results of a traumatic amputation can be devastating to the victim physically, emotionally and financially. Working with an experienced Clarksburg personal injury lawyer after such a serious accident can help you better understand your legal options during this difficult time.

Overview of a Loss of Limb/Amputation Injury

Depending on the type of amputation experienced, a loss of limb injury can be life altering. If the amputation is complete, this will mean a total loss of the limb. Sometimes the amputation is partial, which means some of the soft tissue is left, and in some cases, this may allow surgeons the opportunity to reattach the limb.

If the limb loss occurs to a leg or arm, this may necessitate a prosthetic device, as well as long-term rehabilitation. Both of these types of treatment can be very costly. Depending on the site and extent of the injury as well victim’s occupation, it may difficult or impossible for an amputee to continue in the same line of work.

When filing a West Virginia personal injury claim after an accident has resulted in a loss of limb, factors such as the ability to continue working in your chosen profession as well as quality of life issues (inability to continue pursuing your favorite hobbies or activities) come into play. In addition, financial aspects of your medical treatment should all be heavily considered during the claims process.

There are also psychological repercussions for an amputation/loss of limb accident injury, which can be extremely challenging. Many amputee victims benefit greatly from regular counseling sessions with a therapist or spiritual advisor familiar with these types of injuries. Compensation for psychological counseling may also be recovered through a West Virginia personal injury claim.

How a Clarksburg Personal Injury Attorney Can Help

Severe accident injuries like amputation require the help of an experienced Clarksburg personal injury attorney. A Clarksburg personal injury attorney can help protect your legal rights and assist you in filing your West Virginia personal injury claim.

While this type of claim can be complex, a Clarksburg personal injury attorney will help ease the process by taking care of the complicated paperwork and talking with the insurance companies on your behalf. Additionally, a Clarksburg personal injury attorney can help you evaluate your immediate and long-term needs connected to your loss of limb injury, which is pivotal in determining if a settlement offer is fair and will address the entirety of your needs.

Contacting a Clarksburg Personal Injury Attorney

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