What Makes Clarksburg Car Accident Claims Unique

Recovering fair compensation after a personal injury should not be a difficult process. However, pursuing an effective car accident claim in Clarksburg requires some unique considerations. For this reason, many victims choose to work with an experienced attorney. Lawyers could provide advice and advocacy at every step of the claims process.

Paying Medical Expenses Before a Settlement

Many car accident victims believe that the at-fault driver’s insurance company will automatically pay their medical bills. While it is true that medical expenses might be included as part of a settlement, the insurance companies typically do not pay bills as they are incurred. The insurance company for the at-fault driver usually makes make one payment of money from which it is the injured person’s responsibility to pay any outstanding medical bills or to reimburse their own health insurance.

In the meantime, the doctors need to be paid. They provided a service, and if the bills go unpaid, they turn them over to collections. Health care providers do not wait until the person settles their case to collect the fees they are owed.

Oftentimes, one of the things a lawyer does for the victim is to make sure that any available insurance coverage pays medical expenses as they come up. This helps protect the victim’s credit and relieves them of the burden of handling talks with insurance companies.

Comparative Negligence in Clarksburg

West Virginia is a comparative negligence jurisdiction. This means that as long as a person is less than 50 percent responsible for the accident, then they are still allowed to recover compensation. However, the total award may be reduced by the victim’s percentage of fault. For example, someone who was 20 percent responsible for an accident can only recover 80 percent of their damages.

Comparative negligence comes into play in Clarksburg car wreck cases in several ways. For example, the defendant may claim that the victim was speeding at the time of the accident. Speeding does not give other drivers the right to cause a collision, but it could mean the victim was somewhat responsible. Other behaviors, like distracted driving and failing to yield, may also be considered when determining liability after an accident.

Importance of Retaining Legal Counsel After a Collision

It is in one’s best interests to consult with an attorney after a car accident. A skilled lawyer understands the nuances of insurance law, and they could help protect a victim’s right to compensation. For example, if someone signs releases and allows the insurance companies to obtain their medical records, the companies may also try and obtain unrelated medical records. The insurance industry is storing all of this information about the victim in the event it becomes useful in the future. Ultimately, the goal of an insurance company is to protect its financial interests, and victims deserve having someone on their side.

Reach Out to a Clarksburg Car Accident Attorney

Many accident victims attempt to handle the claim on their own. Unfortunately, unrepresented victims in Clarksburg often do not fully understand the unique considerations involved in car accident cases. Experienced attorneys could help to protect the interests of the injured person at every step of a case.