Steps to Take After a Car Accident in Clarksburg

steps to take after a car accident

In order to help safeguard your car accident claim, it is important to know what immediate steps to take after your car accident. The time immediately following a car crash accident is often filled with emotions and panic for the victims involved.

It may be difficult to focus and take preparatory steps toward helping your imminent car accident claim, but the more preparation you take after your car crash accident, the more benefits you may gain for your car accident claim in Clarksburg.

As soon as possible, you should write down exactly what happened leading up to the accident.

Many victims of a car crash accident forget to use their cellphone camera or another camera to take pictures in order to capture the point of the collision before the vehicles are moved out of the lanes of traffic.

Some drivers will instinctively move their vehicles out of traffic before getting out of their car to check with the other driver. You should not move your car after a West Virginia car accident unless and until police arrive at the scene and instruct you to do so.

Car Accident Pictures Preserve Evidence

Even if the other driver has moved their car away from the accident, it is still helpful to take pictures of your unmoved vehicle and its damages, where it was stopped in relation to the street, plus any weather or road conditions present, as long as it is safe to do so.

Taking pictures after the car crash will also help to establish an accurate time of the collision as camera phones will time stamp these pictures. Once the responsible driver’s insurance company knows you have pictures, your car accident claim in West Virginia may be more favorably negotiated.

If you are seriously injured, you might be able to ask a witness to take these pictures on your behalf. Several pictures from different angles will be most helpful to your car accident claim in West Virginia.

Of course, if you sustained serious injuries and are hurt in the car crash accident, you should first seek medical attention. If you are unable to call 911, instruct the other driver or a witness to do so immediately.