Clarksburg Car Accident Settlements

Not every motor vehicle crash case requires a lawsuit. In many cases, a settlement can offer Clarksburg car accident victims fair compensation without the time, expense, and risk of a trial. However, negotiating a fair settlement offer is often difficult for unrepresented victims.

For help reaching a fair settlement or evaluating an existing offer, reach out to an experienced car accident attorney today.

What to Bring to an Initial Consultation with a Clarksburg Attorney

When going to an initial consultation with a Clarksburg lawyer, it is important for an injury victim to bring all materials relevant to their legal case. Pertinent information can include:

  • A traffic crash reports generated by the investigating police officer
  • Medical records or bills resulting from the motor vehicle accident
  • Recorded statements from witnesses
  • Health insurance information

Providing complete documentation to an attorney can allow them to properly assess a case and provide legal advice.

Settling Versus Going to Trial

Ultimately, it is the victims’ decision as to whether they want to settle a case or not. After multiple conversations with their attorney, victims make the decision to settle or not is based on several factors.

Sometimes, the injured person chooses to settle to avoid the anxiety of litigation and resolve the matter quickly. In other cases, the insurance company might offer fair compensation. Trials always involve some degree of risk, so a victim could potentially receive less than the original offer or no compensation at all. Finally, trials can be expensive since victims need to hire witnesses and doctors to testify.

In contrast, victims may choose to go to trial if the settlement offer is considerably less than the case is worth. For example, if the victim and their attorney believe the case is worth $25,000, and the insurance company only offers $10,000, there is little choice but to proceed with a lawsuit.

Steps in the Settlement Process

In Clarksburg, the settlement process usually occurs after the victim finishes treating for their injuries. They may have fully recovered, or there may be long-lasting effects that are unlikely to improve with more time. Before the victim is finished with medical treatment, it can be difficult to determine the value of a case. For example, if a victim reaches maximum medical improvement but has a permanent disability, the value of the case can increase.

Once a victim finishes treatment, the attorney gathers all medical records and bills along with other information about how the injuries occurred. The lawyer submits a settlement demand to the insurance company, and then negotiations begin. That is when they hope that both sides can reach a fair settlement for the value of the case.

Benefits of a Clarksburg Auto Crash Attorney

An attorney can be a great help to someone looking to settle a car crash case. Sometimes, lawyers get calls from injured people who have already tried to work with the insurance company. However, they may reach a point where the initial settlement offer is not enough. In those situations, an attorney could take the case and attempt to maximize the settlement value. An attorney could also help a victim reduce the medical bills that need to be repaid and send a letter of protection to bill collectors.

For help reaching a fair car accident settlement, reach out to an experienced Clarksburg attorney today.