Clarksburg Rear-End Collision Lawyer

Rear-end collisions occur when motorists fail to maintain a safe distance between them and the vehicle in front of them. For this reason, they are unable to bring their car to a stop before impacting the other car.

If you were involved in a rear-end collision, you may face mounting medical bills, extensive property damage, and lost wages. Fortunately, you may be entitled to compensation for all of your losses. With help from a Clarksburg rear-end collision lawyer, you may be able to hold the at-fault driver accountable for their actions. A skilled attorney could help protect your interests at every step.

Common Fact Patterns – Rear-End Collision Lawyer

Some common causes of rear-end collisions in the Clarksburg area include tailgating, distracted driving, and cellphone use. Another common cause is speed. In some cases, drivers are simply traveling too fast and do not have enough time to slow down. Rear-end collisions are not unique to any one location. They can happen virtually anywhere, including interstates, construction zones, city streets, neighborhood roads, and school parking lots.

The rear vehicle is almost always at fault in these cases. That is because the law places an obligation on drivers who are following to keep a safe distance between them and the car in front of them.

Comparative Negligence in Rear-End Accidents

The motorist who was following will often fail to accept complete responsibility for the accident, despite the fact that they are clearly at fault. For example, a defendant driver or their attorney may claim that the person in front of them stopped suddenly. Arguments such as these are meant to limit the defendant’s liability and reduce the potential compensation awarded to the victim. However, these arguments are not always successful. A Clarksburg rear-end collision attorney could work to refute the defense’s arguments of comparative negligence in order to seek maximum compensation for the victim.

Establishing Liability

Establishing that the plaintiff was liable for the victim’s damages is often an important part of car accident litigation. In order to prove their case, car crash attorneys may use evidence such as:

  • Witness statements,
  • Photographs of the damage to vehicles
  • Stoplight cameras
  • Video surveillance from nearby businesses

Those are some of the tools used to establish liability in a rear-end collision. However, liability is often admitted or accepted by the insurance company in these cases.

Importance of Contacting an Attorney Early

It is important to contact a lawyer as soon as possible after a car accident rather than waiting. One of the benefits of retaining legal counsel early is that a lawyer could make sure the victim’s private information is protected from disclosure to the insurance company. Attorneys could also work with insurance companies to help cover a victim’s medical bills while the claim progresses and before it settles. Additionally, attorneys help individuals understand their rights and protect their interests.

If you were hurt in a rear-end collision, you may be entitled to compensation for your losses. However, pursuing a personal injury claim on your own can be overwhelming. A Clarksburg rear-end collision lawyer could handle the details on your behalf so you can focus on healing. Call today to schedule a consultation.