Clarksburg Parking Lot Accident Lawyer

Collisions in parking lots usually only result in minor damage to vehicles. In certain situations, however, these crashes can result in serious injuries. Parking lot accident cases require a careful approach because they often involve different forms of evidence than other crashes.

If you were hurt in a wreck, let a Clarksburg parking lot accident lawyer help with your case. An experienced attorney could pursue full and fair compensation on your behalf.

Common Parking Lot Crash Scenarios

The most serious parking lot accidents tend to involve side impacts. For example, one car may be pulling out of the lane in between the spaces and hit a car driving perpendicularly in another lane. Additionally, a vehicle may be forced to swerve to avoid a hazard, resulting in a collision with a pylon or other structural feature.

Even though vehicles are usually traveling at low speeds in parking lots, a person can be seriously injured in some cases. Foot traffic is common in parking lots and garages, and pedestrians are unprotected from collisions with passenger vehicles.

Unique Considerations After a Parking Lot Collision

The primary difference between injury accidents that occur in private parking lots compared to public roadways is that they rarely result in a law enforcement response. Because parking facilities are private property, an accident may not stem from the violation of any city, county, or state laws. When pursuing compensation on behalf of a victim, a Clarksburg parking lot accident lawyer may not be able to rely on a police report as evidence. However, emergency service personnel may respond and take statements.

Additionally, liability may be different after a parking lot crash. In some cases, the private property owner may be liable for injuries if they failed to maintain the premises in a safe condition.

Role of Comparative Negligence

Comparative negligence can play a role in Clarksburg parking lot accident cases. In every personal injury case in Clarksburg, whether the accident occurs on public or private property, the insurance company and any future jury consider the level of fault of both parties. For example, they may find one party to be 75 percent at fault, while the other party is 25 percent at fault. In West Virginia, unlike some other states, a victim can recover compensation if they were partially responsible. For example, a victim who was 25 percent at fault could recover 75 percent of their total damages.

The insurance company will often try to place blame on the injured party to reduce the amount they have to pay and protect their financial interests.

What to Look for in a Clarksburg Parking Lot Accident Attorney

When involved in a parking lot accident case, a person should try to find an attorney who has handled similar cases in the past. There are a lot of nuances in West Virginia law about the liability of both landowners and other drivers in parking lot, and these cases can quickly become complex.

To maximize the chance of success in your case, reach out to a Clarksburg parking lot accident lawyer today.