Clarksburg Major Roadway Accident Lawyer

In the Clarksburg area, motor vehicle accidents are a frequent occurrence on Interstate 79 and Route 50. On Interstate 79, cars, tractor-trailers, and other commercial trucks traveling at a high rate of speed. They are often unable to stop when necessary, and as a result, terrible accidents, catastrophic injuries, and death are unfortunately common. U.S. Route 50 sees a lot of oil and gas truck traffic, and these vehicles are often unable to stop at controlled intersections where there is a light.

If you were injured while driving in the Clarksburg area, you may be able to hold the negligent driver accountable through a personal injury action. Contact a Clarksburg major roadway accident lawyer for help with your case.

Common Fact Patterns in Clarksburg Collisions

Some of the most common major roadway crashes in Clarksburg are rear-end collisions by trucks traveling at high rates of speed on Interstate 79 or U.S. Route 50. Traffic often slows on these roads due to merging vehicles or construction zones, and heavy tractor-trailers or oil/gas industry trucks cannot slow down in time to avoid a wreck. This leads to major damage to the car and potentially catastrophic injuries to the driver and passengers. Large vehicles can easily block the roadway, so a crash may affect multiple vehicles.

The heightened speed limits on major roads are oftentimes the cause of car and truck accidents. When the speed limits are increased, motorists develop a false sense of security and think they can safely travel at those speeds without regard to their ability to stop safely. The increased speed limits on Interstate 79 and U.S. Route 50 increase the likelihood of car and truck accidents and causing serious harm to families.

With fewer instructional signs and basic laws to follow, speed on Interstate 79 and U.S. Route 50 contributes to accidents in a far greater way than it does in city streets. On a city street, traffic routinely has to stop, and drivers can only travel a few blocks before encountering a stoplight or a stop sign. In contrast, traffic on interstates and high-speed expressways do not anticipate needing to stop or slow down. Drivers who are traveling long distances on highways may be operating on autopilot. It is easy to zone out on long trips, but this can contribute to accidents.

Steps to Take After an Accident on a Major Highway

The speed of traffic impacts the steps a person should take immediately following this accident. If an accident happens on a high-speed interstate or expressway, like I-79 or U.S. 50, then the people involved need to be careful when they exit their vehicles. Other cars will be approaching the scene of the accident at a high rate of speed, and they might find it difficult to slow down. If and when they are able to exit their vehicle following an accident, they need to make sure that they and any other occupants of their car can do so safely.

Contact a Clarksburg Major Roadway Accident Attorney

If you were injured in a collision on a major roadway in the Clarksburg area, you may be burdened with pain, medical expenses, or even long-term disability. Fortunately, a Clarksburg major roadway accident lawyer could help you seek fair compensation for your losses. Call today to schedule a consultation.