Clarksburg Failure to Yield Accident Lawyer

Failure to yield occurs when one motorist has the right of way and another driver does not allow them to exercise that right. Because failure to yield accidents often occur in dangerous intersections, victims can be left with serious injuries and expensive medical bills. Fortunately, compensation may be available.

If you were injured because another driver did not grant you the right of way, you could benefit from speaking to an experienced personal injury attorney. A Clarksburg failure to yield accident lawyer could analyze the facts of your case to determine the responsible party. If you have grounds for a lawsuit, they could fight tirelessly for the compensation you deserve.

Unique Aspects of Failure to Yield Cases in Clarksburg

Identifying fault in failure to yield cases can be complicated by arguments about what the traffic signal was. There may be disputes about whether one of the parties had a green light or a green arrow or whether the traffic light was functioning properly. Other factors that can complicate the issue of fault in a failure to yield case would be the speed of the motorists involved and whether there were any objects along the roadway that may have obstructed someone’s view of oncoming traffic.

Liability is often disputed in these cases because it is not always clear who was at fault or who had the right of way. Oftentimes, it could be one person’s word versus another’s. Sometimes, these crashes occur at intersections that have stoplights, stop signs, or other traffic signals or traffic signs, which makes who has the right of way very clear. Other times, these crashes can occur at an intersection of a private drive, roadway, or parking lot where there are no traffic signals or signs.

How do Insurance Companies Treat Failure to Yield Crashes?

In failure to yield accidents, insurance companies are not quick to accept responsibility until they have conducted their own investigation. To reduce the victim’s compensation and save money, companies may raise arguments of comparative negligence, meaning they try to place some of the blame on the victim.

For example, they may admit that the injured driver had the right of way but argue that they were speeding. Insurance companies might also argue that the injured driver had every chance to avoid the crash but failed to do so.

Conducting an Independent Accident Investigation

Attorneys can investigate failure to yield cases to determine who is at fault by interviewing witnesses and taking photographs of the scene. This could help document what traffic signals or signs were present at the scene of the wreck or along the roadway leading to it. Attorneys can also try to locate surveillance footage that may capture the actual wreck, or they may simply monitor an intersection to determine regular traffic patterns.

What are the Benefits of Working with a Law Firm?

Working with a law firm in Clarksburg versus a solo practitioner can be beneficial when one is involved in a failure to yield accident. Because law firms have more than one attorney, if one lawyer has a scheduling conflict, others could conduct the investigation in their place.

After an accident, certain steps need to be taken as quickly as possible because evidence can disappear over time. In law firm setting, there are multiple attorneys who can provide coverage for each other to avoid delays.

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If you were struck by another driver and you believe you had the right of way, you may be entitled to compensation. Reach out to a Clarksburg failure to yield accident lawyer to discuss the merits of your case and the legal options available to you. Experienced legal counsel could handle the details of your case while you focus on healing. Call today to schedule a consultation.