Expert Witnesses in Clarksburg Car Accident Cases

While expert witnesses might seem like they would add validity to your case, the need for one is dependent on the circumstances of each case, as they are not always necessary for a successful suit. Common sense typically prevails in car accident cases, and experts often reaffirm or reiterate reasonable opinions and solutions about the argument. A Clarksburg lawyer might recommend using an expert witness during a case if there is a significant dispute over how the car accident happened.

What Constitutes an Expert Witness by Clarksburg’s Standards?

An expert witness in a Clarksburg car accident case is a person who has unique skillsets and knowledge about a particular subject matter, such that would allow them to render an opinion about a case based on their knowledge, skillset, and the evidence. Typical experts in these cases could be:

  • Law enforcement officers who have been trained in accident reconstruction
  • Engineers and scientists who could perform calculations and reenact car wrecks
  • Medical and healthcare professionals who could give an opinion on someone’s health condition and whether they will continue to suffer
  • Economic experts who could provide opinions on the cost of future medical care or future lost wages because of the injury.

The plaintiff must understand that an expert witness can have an existing relationship with the plaintiff, such as their medical provider or, in smaller communities, someone who the plaintiff is acquainted or familiar with. However, if an expert witness has a relationship with the plaintiff, they may be cross-examined about whether they have any bias in favor of the outcome.

Benefits of Hiring an Expert Witness to Testify in Court

The advantage of having an expert testify on the plaintiff’s behalf is that the testimony comes from a disinterested party with no stake in the case. They are more likely to give their honest opinion, as opposed to witnesses who could have an interest in seeing a particular outcome. This could help the plaintiff’s credibility and argument.

Expert witness testimonies can carry significant weight in car accident cases because these authorities have impressive credentials, such as education, training, and job experience, to support their opinions. Although, less weight may be given to certain experts if they are portrayed as favoring one side or the other without regard for the facts of the case.

Disadvantages of an Expert Witness Testimony

An expert witness may be unwanted if their opinion is less than credible or if their point could be proven through physical evidence or otherwise. Further, expert witness testimonies are not free. They typically require payment when:

  • Examining an individual
  • Assessing the scene
  • Reviewing evidence
  • Providing their opinion
  • Appearing in court
  • Testifying as an expert.

If an expert opinion is not necessary to bolster a case, the plaintiff could save time and money by opting not to retain one.

A Clarksburg Car Accident Attorney Could Help You Decide If You Need an Expert Witness

While hiring an expert witness could bolster your case, it may not be the right choice for you based on the circumstances. An experienced attorney in Clarksburg could assess the details of your car accident case and determine which expert witnesses, if any, would help you build a strong legal argument.

To learn more about expert witnesses, call and schedule a consultation with a lawyer today.