Government Compensation Available For Clarksburg DUI Victims

Victims of drunk driving (DUI) accidents can sustain many severe physical injuries, but what people tend to forget is that these individuals offer suffer financial hardships such as thousands of dollars in medical bills and lost wages after being victimized by drunk drivers.

One way to recover compensation for those expenses is by filing a personal injury lawsuit against the drunk driver. There is also another source that can help DUI victims in Clarksburg can recover some compensation to help with these expenses called West Virginia Crime Victims Compensation Fund.

Clarksburg Crime Victims Compensation Fund

The West Virginia Crime Victims Compensation Fund was established in 1981 to assist victims of crime in the state. The fund is designed to reimburse crime victims for medical expenses, burial costs, lost wages, replacement services, and mental health counseling. Individuals who are injured (or the families of those killed) by drunk drivers can qualify for money from this fund if they:

  • report the crime within 72 hours to law enforcement
  • file a claim with the fund within 2 years of the accident
  • cooperate fully with police and prosecutors

How Much Compensation Can I Get From The Fund?

The compensation fund can disburse payments of up to $25,000 for people injured by a drunk driver. Families of victims who died in a DUI accident can receive up to $50,000. It is important to note that monies from the fund will only be paid out after all other avenues of reimbursement (including personal injury lawsuits) have been exhausted.

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