Common Types of Clarksburg Car Accidents

Every auto accident is unique in terms of cause, damage sustained and long-term effects for the victims. Even so, some similarities do exist as far as vehicle accidents in West Virginia are concerned. If you or someone you love has been injured as a result of a car accident in Clarksburg or the surrounding area, contact a Clarksburg car accident lawyer who can talk to you about the nature of your injuries and whether you are entitled to any compensation for your damages.

Common Types of Car Accidents

A car accident in Clarksburg can occur for any number of reasons, some owing to human error and others that are left more to acts of nature. While we use the term “accident,” the truth is; many serious and fatal collisions are actually the direct result of a driver’s mistakes. Listed below are some of the common types of factors that may contribute to a serious car accident in Clarksburg:

  • Illegal driving maneuvers – Making a u-turn, failing to yield, disobeying traffic signals and speed limits, and so on;
  • Inattention/driver distraction – Talking to another passenger, changing a radio station, talking on the cell phone, sending or reading text messages, eating, putting on makeup, shaving, reading, etc.;
  • Driver fatigue – Reaction time is diminished when a driver hasn’t had sufficient rest (this is often a common element in serious truck accidents in which the truck driver has worked past the federally allowed driving time limits for truck drivers);
  • Weather conditions – Failing to accommodate for poor weather conditions, such as ice, snow, rain or fog;
  • Road conditions – Roadway debris, potholes, poorly marked roadways, and improper signage; and
  • Impairment – Drug, alcohol, or a medical condition.

If you have been seriously injured in a car accident in Clarksburg that was caused by a driver who wasn’t paying attention, was driving too fast for conditions, or any other form of driver negligence, a Clarksburg car accident lawyer can talk to you about your options for legal recourse.

Common Types of Non-Moving Accidents

You don’t even have to be in a moving car in order to be the victim of a car accident. There are a number of injuries and even fatalities that occur when a vehicle is not moving. According to, non-traffic crashes or incidents account for 1,747 fatalities and 841,000 injuries every year in the United States. These instances include things such as cars falling from jacks and similar accidents.

Common Types of Slow-Moving Accidents

Other types of accidents occur when a vehicle is moving slowly, such as backing out of a driveway. These “back-over” accidents are particularly tragic, as they often occur in the victim’s own driveway or that of a friend, relative or neighbor. Almost half of the children who are injured in a back-over accident are between 1 and 4 years old.

Pedestrian Accidents in Clarksburg

Pedestrian accidents are another common auto-related accident. Every year in the United States approximately 74,000 pedestrians are struck by a motor vehicle. In addition, many pedestrians are struck when riding a bicycle, scooter, skateboard or other moving device.