Steps to Take After a Clarksburg Commercial Car Accident

Some companies using commercial vehicles have lots of funds at their disposal and are able to get the best insurance and legal representation possible. This allows them to start investigating an accident almost as soon as it happens in some cases. In the worst situations, they may gather evidence against you, attempt to get you to incriminate yourself and, even worse, attempt to conceal evidence that may pin the blame on their drivers.

A Clarksburg Commercial Car Accident Lawyer Helps with Evidence Collection

In order to prevent this from happening to you, if you’re involved in an accident with a commercial vehicle, start gathering information and data immediately if you’re able to do so. If you were involved in a wreck with a commercial vehicle, contact a Clarksburg car accident lawyer at The Miley Legal Group today to go over your case.

Immediately after the accident, contact local police. An official police report may be an integral piece of a successful car accident claim; it provides an impartial summation of the accidents and includes statements from both parties involved.

Focus on Gathering These Items at the Scene of the Clarksburg Accident

  • Take notes. Write down details of the accident while they’re fresh in your mind: time of day, weather, driver’s behavior before and after the wreck, etc.
  • Look for witnesses. Did anyone see the wreck? Take down their names and contact information. They can provide valuable witness accounts later in the claims process and help prove the other driver’s fault.
  • Take photos. Using the camera on your phone, take pictures of the accident scene. Note any damage to your vehicle, both inside and out, and snap photos of the surroundings of the wreck. Are there skid marks? Was a median damaged? Make sure to take pictures of those, too.

Insurance Companies

Commercial vehicles, like any other types of vehicles, are required to carry a minimum amount of insurance to cover damages and injuries in the event of an accident. In the state of West Virginia, there are no special insurance requirements for commercial drivers that are above and beyond what is required of every other driver in the state.

According to the West Virginia Department of Transportation’s Division of Motor Vehicles, the minimum required insurance that the driver of a commercial vehicle must carry in West Virginia is:

  • $20,000 in liability for one death or injury in one accident;
  • $40,000 in liability for two or more deaths or injuries in one accident; and
  • $10,000 for property damage.

All drivers are required to keep a copy of their insurance in the vehicle at all times and provide it in the event of an accident or if stopped by a law enforcement officer. Additionally, the minimum amount of insurance is required in order to register a vehicle in the state. If the Department of Transportation requests insurance proof and the driver does not respond, the registration and driver license will be suspended.

Drivers who are found operating a vehicle without proper insurance coverage when stopped by a police officer or when involved in an accident or collision will be subject to various penalties. In addition to the suspension of their license, they could face a ticket, steep fines or even jail time.

Filing a Successful Car Accident Claim and Avoiding Common Mistakes

Learn more about filing a successful car accident claim by reading our eBook, The 7 Biggest Mistakes that can Wreck your West Virginia Car Accident Claim, or get more information regarding car accidents with a commercial vehicle. Call 304-326-1800 or 877-652-1031 to speak with a Clarksburg car accident lawyer at The Miley Legal Group about seeking compensation for your damages and injuries today.