Clarksburg Bad Weather Accident Lawyer

West Virginia’s winter weather is severe at times, which requires the use of skillful driving and special equipment. If someone must be on the road during a severe weather event in West Virginia with its hills, valleys, and mountains, they must slow down. Regardless of the weather, drivers have a duty to operate their vehicles carefully to prevent harm to others. If they fail to do so, they may be liable for any resulting injuries.

If you were hurt in a bad-weather accident caused by another driver, you could seek compensation with help from a dedicated car accident attorney. A Clarksburg bad weather car accident lawyer could evaluate your case and pursue fair payment for your injuries.

How Dangerous Weather Impacts a Case

The most important thing to remember is that although bad weather may be the reason for the crash, it does not excuse the person who is at fault. Based on the conditions, every driver has the responsibility to control their speed and preserve the ability to yield to other drivers. They need to be able to stop when required by traffic control devices. Bad weather does not change this responsibility, so drivers must slow down and keep a safe following distance.

As with any other accident, a person injured in a dangerous weather crash is entitled to recover any harm or loss they suffered in connection with the incident. Damages can include past and future medical expenses, compensation for any permanent injuries or scarring, compensation for their inability to work for any period of time or into the future, and any other damages caused by the accident.

Single Car Crashes

In a single vehicle situation, the driver is expected to be in control of the vehicle. When a driver suffers injuries as a result of an accident, a lawyer may help them find medical benefits to cover their injuries and identify the insurance to cover the related property damage.

However, any injuries suffered by the passengers in a single-vehicle accident should be compensated. Drivers have a duty to keep their passengers safe, just as they have a duty to protect other motorists.

How an Experienced Attorney Could Help

Lawyers often advocate for victims against insurance companies who do not want to place an appropriate value on a case. When the weather is involved, sometimes the insurance companies make the argument that the weather is an act of God and the crash was not the responsibility of their insured. In fact, inclement weather does not provide an excuse to defend at-fault drivers for their conduct. They are still responsible to maintain control over their vehicle regardless of the conditions.

Attorneys also play a critical role in gathering evidence in support of a claim. There are numerous ways to preserve evidence of the conditions that led to the crash for future consideration. Photographs can show the conditions and may indicate that the other driver is at fault because they failed to maintain control of their vehicle under the conditions. Additionally, law enforcement could conduct a complete and proper investigation. This generates an accident report that could prove useful during litigation.

Reach Out to a Clarksburg Bad Weather Accident Attorney

If you were hurt in a crash caused by another driver, you may be entitled to compensation, even if the weather played a role. Drivers have a responsibility to use caution, and when they fail to do so, a Clarksburg bad weather accident lawyer could hold them accountable. Call today to schedule a consultation.