Clarksburg Car Accident Lawyer

Unfortunately, even automobile collisions that happen at low speeds can have a devastating impact on the people inside the vehicles involved. These can result in a wide variety of personal injuries that may require extensive medical treatment.

Whenever another party is responsible for a car accident, they may have a legal obligation to provide compensation to any injured individuals. However, you may need a skilled personal injury attorney’s help to ensure you receive all that you are due. A Clarksburg car accident lawyer could help you pursue the financial recovery needed to set things right after a crash, including money for outstanding medical bills, restitution for lost wages, and even payments for pain and suffering.

Negligence and Car Accidents

Most collisions between two cars on the road are accidents; neither party, even if they were driving in a reckless manner, intended to crash into the other. Still, this does not mean that an at-fault driver does not carry legal liability for an accident they play a part in causing.

All drivers have an obligation—or duty of care—to protect other people that they may encounter while on the road. This extends to other motorists, passengers in an at-fault driver’s car, and even pedestrians. A driver who violates this duty—for example, by driving while intoxicated or running a red light—and causes an accident may carry legal liability to compensate victims of that accident for any losses they sustain.

While many car accident cases are clear examples of defendant negligence, others are less obvious. A Clarksburg car accident attorney could be of particular help when a defendant’s insurance company denies liability for the incident. Depending on the circumstances, they may visit the scene of the accident to gather evidence, talk to witnesses, and even work with an accident reconstruction expert to place blame for the incident on the defendant driver.

What Could a Plaintiff Recover For Through a Car Accident Case?

Perhaps the most apparent potential consequence of a car accident is a physical injury. These can range in severity from minor cuts and scrapes, to concussions, broken bones, or even long-term brain or spinal damage.

It is important to remember that a car accident case cannot proceed without medical documentation of an injury. This means that a case should include notes from a medical professional’s examination connecting the injury to the car accident, as well as bills that outline the total costs of treatment.

However, physical harm is not the only compensable loss following an accident. A comprehensive claim may also demand payments for:

  • Any lost wages or loss of future work ability
  • Pain and suffering connected to the physical injury
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Mental anguish

A car wreck lawyer in Clarksburg could help a plaintiff properly evaluate their losses to make demands for their appropriate value, as well as ensure that their case does not fail due to a violation of the statute of limitations. According to West Virginia Code §55-2-12, plaintiffs have only two years from the date of injury to file a case, or they may be barred from seeking any compensation at all.

Find Out What a Clarksburg Car Accident Lawyer Could Do to Help

The moments and days following a car accident are typically a chaotic time. You may be suffering from serious injuries that require immediate medical attention, your car may sustain crippling damage, and you may be missing significant time at work. Without professional legal guidance, all of this could pressure you into settling your claim for a fraction of its value or just dropping your claim entirely.

A Clarksburg car accident lawyer could take the lead in your car accident case so that you can focus on getting your life back in order and recovering the compensation you deserve. To learn more about your legal options, call today to set up an initial consultation.