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Check out our blog for regular updates on car accidents, personal injury cases and local interests in North Central West Virginia and across the state. The Miley Legal Group is your local resource for information on personal injury cases, processes and what you can expect. Our blog will provide you with a wealth of information that can assist you and your family when considering your options.

Getting Back on Your Motorcycle After an Accident

Regardless if you are an experienced rider or a newbie who has had minimal experience on the open road, a moto...

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Tips to Prevent Motorcycle Accidents

Attention Motorcycle Riders: Here are Some Basic Tips to Prevent Motorcycle Accidents! With the nice warm we...

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Motorcycle safety prevents accidents

What is "T-CLOCS"? Find out by reading our blog post. Help us prevent motorcycle accidents and keep everyone...

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Do You Have Proper Insurance Coverage for your Motorcycle?

Learn if you have the coverage you need. Not all accidents are the same, make sure you have enough motorcycle...

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Motorcycle Accident Survival Story

Hear how a motorcycle rider survived an accident and what he did to get his life back together. The Miley Leg...

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Stay Safe Motorcycling in West Virginia

5 Ways to Stay Safe Riding a Motorcycle in West Virginia. Includes tips such as what to know on the roads and...

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