Huddle House Car Accident Results in Injuries

A driver ran a stop sign and darted out onto Rt. 33.

Our client attempted to avoid an accident by moving into the passing lane to no avail.

The driver struck our client with such a force that the accident resulted in significant property and bodily injury.

After weeks of therapy for…

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Neck Injury Resulting from Accident

Our client was struck from behind while sitting on Joyce Street Bridge one fateful morning.  After being contacted by the driver’s insurance company (they asked her to sign a number of documents), she contacted our office.  The victim was treated at UHC which resulted in physical therapy to deal…

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Head on Collision Leads to over $82,000 settlement

Our client who was traveling to a family member’s memorial entered a 3-way stop intersection.  After properly stopping and traveling through the intersection, our client was struck by a car that blatantly ran a stop sign.  Our client was transported to a local hospital where she was treated for…

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Victim of a Three Car Pile Up

Our client was traveling on Route 50 on and stopped at the light at the top of Bridgeport Hill when the car behind her slammed into her.  Subsequently the next car slammed into the car that hit our client resulting in a three car pile up.  The resulting injuries…

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Passenger Received Head Injury from Accident

Our client was riding with a friend when they were struck by an individual who ran a red light.  After hitting her head on the roof of the vehicle, our client began to experience sever head aches and other related symptoms.  After dealing with the insurance company and settling…

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Child Passenger Injured in Rear-End Collision

Our client, a young girl, was a passenger in the back seat of a vehicle driven by someone other than her parents.  The car was rear-ended by another vehicle which caused injury to our client through no fault of her own.  Injuries included whiplash and lower back injuries.  She…

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Student Passenger Involved in Accident

Our client was injured in an accident caused by another student driver.  The inexperienced driver over corrected after an attempted merge which caused the vehicle to slam into a wall repeatedly.  The accident caused severe back pain and soft tissue issues for our client.  His case was settled for…

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Student at Local University in Accident as Passenger

Our client was a passenger in a vehicle with other students, driven by a friend who lost control of the vehicle after attempting to merge right and over compensating.  Our client received serious injuries, including loss of consciousness, fractured rbs, a punctured lung, bruised liver and torn tendons in…

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Head on Crash Leads to Death

Our client was hit head on by a vehicle that slid sideways, crossed the center line and slammed into him head on.  The car then slammed into the guardrail resulting in the driver passing.  Our client was taken to the hospital where he was treated for severe whiplash and…

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Car Accident Passenger Results

Our client was a passenger in an accident that was struck by another vehicle head on.  After being transported to a hospital, she was shown to suffer four broken bones, seatbelt burns, bumps and bruises.  With the broken bones requiring surgery, the bills piled up for our client.

Her case…

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