Firefighter Death Leads To Changes In Tower Industry

Miley Legal Group

Unfortunately, once again it has taken a terrible tragedy for an industry to make essential changes that will protect the lives of both workers and those whose job it is to protect those workers and our community.

A settlement has been reached in the wrongful death case of Michael “Mikey” Garrett, a Nutter Fort firefighter, who was killed in the line of duty responding to a cell phone tower collapse in February of 2014. That dreadful day has not only left a lasting impact on the family; it has also had far-reaching implications for the community and for an entire industry. As a result of the events on that day, the safety standards of the cell phone tower construction industry have been overhauled allowing Mikey’s work to protect and serve our community to live on.

“This tragedy and the Garrett family’s loss was entirely preventable if more care was taken regarding the safety of those around the cell phone tower that collapsed,” stated Tim Miley, owner of The Miley Legal Group and lawyer representing the Garrett family. “Although we were honored to represent the family and ensure that Mikey’s death was not in vain if the safety standards that are now in place were implemented before that fateful day, Mikey would still be here with us, and a wonderful family would not have gone through such grief.”

The Miley Legal Group, a Clarksburg wrongful death, and serious injury firm represented the Garrett family throughout this horrific process, forcing those companies in charge of the maintenance and upkeep of the cell phone tower that collapsed, to be held responsible for their actions or lack thereof. A hearing was held in Judge Matish’s courtroom today to finalize a settlement that was reached between the family and those responsible.

“We see this type of willful ignorance all the time in industries across our region. It should never reach a point where safety standards are imposed only after the death of a member of our community,” said Doug Miley, an attorney representing the family. “Nevertheless, at the end of the day, justice was served, and the industry is much safer for those involved.”

His dedication to the Nutter Fort fire department and his many nieces and nephews will never be forgotten. A portion of the settlement will be used by the family to fund a scholarship that was created in Mikey’s name to help support the training of EMTs and firefighters that serve our region. “This will have a lasting impact for years to come,” Tim Miley stated. “Any settlement or end to the case will not bring Mikey back, but the impact his death has had on an entire industry and our community will make sure he will never be forgotten.”