Dog Bite Attack On City Street

Miley Legal Group

Our client was visiting with relatives in downtown Clarksburg when he was outside and noticed a boxer running around the neighborhood. As the dog looked friendly and approached our client, he bent down to give him a pat, as he did the dog latched on to his chin. Our client had seen the dog in the neighborhood before and it had never shown signs of agression until that fateful day.

During the initial bite, our client attempted to get away from the animal and jerked himself up causing strain to his lower back. After an ER visit, stitches and a few visits to the chiroprator’s office, our client contacted us and we began the exteinsive research involved in dog bite claims. Once the owner was identified and the insurance company contacted, the case was settled for $20,000. In addition, our office worked through the clients medical bills and negotiated a reduction with his insurance company.