Car Accident Settlement Calculator

This car accident settlement calculator can help you determine an estimated settlement amount based on numbers you provide and historical claim awards from an insurance company for a car accident.

Note: This is not a guarantee of what you will receive, but a tool to provide a general idea of what a case may be worth.


    1. Estimated Medical Expenses ($)*

    Enter the estimated total of your medical bills, including those outstanding.

    2. Estimated Property Damage ($)*

    Enter damages to property in an accident, including auto damage (Note: Not all injury claims will include property damage).

    3. Estimated Lost Earnings ($)*

    If work was missed due to injuries, place the total of lost income. Include the cost of any paid vacation days used as a result of your injuries.

    4. Future Lost Income (Estimate) ($)*

    If ongoing treatment will cost additional time off from work, enter that amount here.

    5. Multiplier for General Damages*

    A number between 2-5 based on a number of factors like the extent of the injury, long-term damages, etc. Most injury victims assume their multiplier is a 4 or 5, while insurance adjusters shoot for a multiplier of 2 or 3.

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