Bridgeport Commercial Property Premises Liability Lawyer

Property owners have a duty to protect visitors from hazards or warn them of the risks. When they fail to do so and someone suffers an injury, the negligent landowner may be legally required to compensate the victim for their losses.

If you were hurt while visiting a Bridgeport business, you may be able to hold the property owner accountable through a premises liability action. For help with your case, reach out to a Bridgeport commercial property premises liability lawyer.

Injuries on Commercial Properties in Bridgeport

In Bridgeport and throughout West Virginia, commercial property includes any premises other than private residences. Common places for injuries include businesses, public service agencies, governmental entities, and other locations.

The responsibility to protect visitors from harm is the same for all property owners in the state, regardless of whether the property in question is commercial or private. As long as the injury victim had the right to be present on the property and was not a trespasser, the owner has an obligation to maintain the premises in a reasonably safe condition free from hidden defects. They do not have to ensure that all people are safe at all times, but they must take reasonable steps to routinely inspect, notice, and resolve any hazards that occur over time.  If the owner’s failure to do so leads to an injury, they could be liable for the victim’s damages.

Notably, these cases can be more difficult when the property owner is a large corporation. Large companies often employ tactics that one would not expect from local businesses or private residences. They have multiple attorneys in large firms who defend them, and they could spend a lot more money and employ a lot more expertise along the litigation path. Without representation by an experienced personal injury attorney, premises liability actions can be difficult to pursue.

Determining Liability After a Retail Accident

Commercial property premises liability cases in Bridgeport quickly become complicated when liability is at issue. For example, a trip and fall injury could occur at a retail outlet that is owned by another company. Individual stores may have a responsibility to maintain their interiors in a reasonably safe condition, while a mall owner is responsible for the hallways. The owner of a parking lot could be different from a store, and the company responsible for maintaining the lot could be different from the owner.

A critical part of any personal injury case is bringing an action against the proper parties, but this is often much more complicated than it sounds. To maximize their chances of success, many Bridgeport victims choose to work with an experienced premises liability attorney.

Reach Out to a Bridgeport Commercial Property Premises Liability Attorney

If you were hurt while visiting a local business, you should not hesitate to contact a lawyer. With help from a Bridgeport commercial property premises liability lawyer, you could hold the at-fault parties accountable for their actions and seek fair compensation for your losses. Call today to schedule a consultation.