Bridgeport Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Even though walking is generally safe, pedestrian accidents can easily happen when a driver fails to pay attention to their surroundings. When you are injured by a negligent driver, there is help available.

A compassionate Bridgeport pedestrian accident lawyer could help you get the justice you deserve. A highly qualified injury lawyer could file a claim based on your injuries and damages to get you the compensation you need and deserve.

The Pedestrian Accident Case Process

Those who are injured in a pedestrian accident may wonder how long a lawsuit could take. Unfortunately, there is no set length of time every case. Each case is unique with its own set of circumstances and challenges.

Once a pedestrian accident victim decides to pursue their options, the first step is to consult a competent attorney. The attorney will research the facts of the case and determine who will be named as a defendant and when to file the case. Speaking with an experienced pedestrian accident lawyer in Bridgeport could help victims understand how long their case might take.

From their, the claim will proceed to discovery where the parties will research the evidence and gather information. Information can be obtained and shared by deposing witnesses, defendants, the plaintiff, and expert witnesses such as doctors. It may also be shared through medical and accident reports as well as other methods. Depending on the specific facts of the case, it will either settle or go to court, which would greatly impact the amount of time a claim will take.

Statute of Limitations

It is important for victims to understand that the West Virginia statute of limitations only gives them a set amount of time for filing a lawsuit. This time limit is two years from the date of the accident as per West Virginia Code § 55-2-12. If this deadline passes without a potential plaintiff filing a legal claim, they may have forgone their rights to seek compensation.

Deciding Whether to Settle or Go to Trial in Bridgeport

As stated above, after a Bridgeport pedestrian accident attorney files a case, all sides will exchange information in what is called the discovery process. During the discovery process, settlement negotiations may take place. Attorneys for the plaintiff and the defendant can negotiate back and forth for their clients in an attempt to reach a monetary agreement that will benefit all parties. If they are able to negotiate a settlement successfully, the need for a jury trial is nullified.

Once each party has agreed on a settlement amount they will all sign a legally binding agreement. This agreement will state that the plaintiff is agreeing to settle the case and will not pursue further legal action against the defendant who also cannot change their minds.

If a fair settlement cannot be reached before going to trial, a trial date will be set. At trial, lawyers for the plaintiff and the defendant will present their evidence and arguments to the jury. The jury will then render a binding verdict that will end the case.

Learn More from a Bridgeport Pedestrian Accident Attorney

A Bridgeport pedestrian accident lawyer could guide you through the legal process. By working with an attorney, you can have the advice you need to make decisions that are right for your case. Contact a qualified lawyer today to get your case evaluation.