Applying for Bridgeport ERISA Disability Insurance Benefits

A life-changing illness or personal injury can set you back in many ways. One of the most detrimental can be the loss of the ability to work. If you are unable to earn a livelihood, the future of you and your family could be uncertain.

If you have been severely and permanently injured in Bridgeport, you could consider applying for ERISA disability insurance benefits. The process can be tedious, so it is helpful to have a firm understanding of ERISA law. It can be advantageous to hire a skilled ERISA attorney familiar with the laws to help submit your claim correctly and timely.

ERISA Disability Insurance Process

The Employment Retirement Income Security Act, commonly known as ERISA, is a federal law governing employee’s right to disability insurance through their private employer. ERISA covers most Bridgeport employee disability insurance plans, but not government or religious organization plans, nor does it cover plans based outside the United States.

The law is intended to protect employees who are too sick or injured to work. Unfortunately, ERISA is full of rules that make bringing a claim a complicated process, so hiring a Bridgeport benefits lawyer could make filing for disability insurance easier.

What is a Disability?

Before filing for benefits, an employee should confirm that the impact of their illness or injury renders them disabled and unable to work as defined within the employer’s plan. Some plans consider an employee disabled if they are unable to perform any job for which they are qualified. Others classify an employee as disabled when they are unable to perform the functions of their current position. Some require that an employee no longer possess the ability to earn a certain percentage of their pre-disability income.

Pre-Filing Agenda

Before submitting a claim, it is advisable for an employee to read and understand the terms of their employer’s long-term disability benefits. Consulting a human resources representative or plan administrator can help an employee understand what is covered under the plan.

Next, an employee should review the claim filing directions, including the consequences of a claim rejection. The advantage of consulting a Bridgeport lawyer is that legal counsel could evaluate eligibility and help strategically craft the ERISA application to avoid denial.

Filing a Claim

Claimants will file the application packet to the insurance company responsible for assessing disability claims for their workplace. The application packet includes one or more forms describing the injuries or illness, salary, and other financial information.

A claimant must also submit supporting paperwork from their doctor, which includes pertinent medical records and a doctor’s verification that the employee cannot work and is unable to return to work.

After that, the insurance company will evaluate the claim in relation to the policy, including if:

  • The employee’s disability meets the criteria
  • The proper documentation is provided
  • The application is complete
  • The application was received according to deadlines

The company could either approve the request and dispense benefits or deny the claim, providing a statement of its reasons for doing so.

Assistance with Applying for Bridgeport ERISA Disability Insurance Benefits

A debilitating illness or injury could make life more difficult. Dealing with a complex insurance policy and completing paperwork should be the last thing on your mind. However, if you’re considering applying for long-term disability benefits, it is wise to give yourself the best chance of being approved.

Consider consulting a Bridgeport lawyer to help you apply for ERISA disability insurance benefits. An attorney could advise you on the best course of action to having your claim approved without delay. Set a consultation up today.