Bridgeport ERISA Lawyer

Many employers in Bridgeport and the surrounding areas use benefit packages as a way to attract talented employees to their organizations. These perks can range from employer-provided health insurance to a retirement plan or 401k. Many employees rely on these plans to provide payments during a crisis or to plan for their futures.

Unfortunately, disputes between insurance companies and beneficiaries are common, and they may include arguments over whether a policy applies to a specific situation or whether a policy’s terms are applicable for a particular loss. In either event, the federal law known as the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) can greatly complicate any insurance appeal.

A Bridgeport ERISA lawyer may be able to help you with this process, as well as with understanding the role that ERISA plays in employer-provided insurance disputes. Your seasoned attorney could then help you pursue any appeals and/or lawsuits needed to obtain the benefits that you deserve.

The Role of ERISA in Insurance Disputes

The Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) is a federal law that regulates all employer-provided benefit plans. Originally intended to regulate retirement plans, expansions to the Act over the years have expanded the scope to cover health insurance, life insurance, and even pensions.

ERISA creates a baseline of coverage that these plans must provide, and the companies that administer the plans must treat their policy holders according to those laws. However, ERISA can sometimes act as a roadblock to people attempting to collect their benefits.

More specifically, ERISA regulations state that all employer-provided benefit plan administrators must establish an internal appeal process to handle disputes. This prevents policyholders from immediately demanding that a court decide a dispute as they would be able to under a privately purchased policy. Reach out to an ERISA lawyer in Bridgeport for more information.

Pursuing an Appeal Under an ERISA Plan

The ERISA mandate that all plan providers establish an appeals process for insurance disputes means that a policy holder who receives a denial letter must attempt to first resolve the issue directly with their insurance company. Unfortunately, these appeals are rarely successful, since the same people who issued the initial denial are now examining the same information and are being asked to reconsider. Still, ERISA requires policyholders to exhaust this process before taking their case to court.

Only once this appeal is finalized will a courthouse accept a case demanding enforcement of a benefit policy. These lawsuits may demand that a policy provider live up to their end of the bargain in the policy, whether this entails providing payment for medical treatment, issuing benefits in the case of a death, beginning retirement payments, or any other benefit a policy is supposed to provide.

Talk to a Bridgeport ERISA Attorney About Pursuing Earned Benefits

Obtaining benefits through an employer-provided insurance plan can be surprisingly frustrating. Something as simple as a routine surgery or an intention to retire could lead to months of disputes before a case can even get to court.

In many cases, this is because a federal law known as ERISA requires all employer-provided benefit plans to establish an internal appeal process. Policyholders must exhaust this appeal process before they can even ask a court to hear a case.

A Bridgeport ERISA lawyer could help you to navigate these complex matters by working with you and on your behalf to examine the reason for your benefits denial, identify the proper appeal process, and exhaust these appeals in a way that quickly allows you to seek enforcement in court if necessary. There is only a limited time to appeal a denial of insurance benefits, so call today to discuss your options.