Bridgeport Dog Bite Lawyer

Cases involving dog bites can be among the most complex in personal injury law. West Virginia state law require a victim to examine the actions taken by the dog’s owner, their own behavior, and where the bite took place in order to determine fault.

Like many other states, West Virginia maintains a number of rules and regulations when it comes to dog bites and their victims. Proving liability can be difficult in some situations. Still, other scenarios may automatically place blame for a dog bite upon the owner.

A Bridgeport dog bite lawyer could help injured individuals deal with every aspect of a potential claim. Once retained, your dedicated personal injury attorney could work to give you a better sense of understanding of relevant rules and regulations, help choose a cause of action that provides a solid chance of success, and demand appropriate compensation for your losses on your behalf.

Is a Dog Owner Always at Fault?

State law is clear concerning when a dog owner in Bridgeport is responsible for the actions of their animal. According to West Virginia Code §19-20-13, a dog owner is strictly liable for any damage caused by their animal when that animal is “at-large.”

“At-large” in this context simply means that the animal is outside the control of the owner. Typically, this involves situations where the dog is off-leash in a public area. If this dog causes physical harm to someone else, that dog’s owner may be held liable to provide compensation.

For all allegations of dog bites that do not involve an at-large animal, a plaintiff may have to prove that the owner of the dog knew or should have known that the animal was dangerous.

For example, a plaintiff may introduce evidence of a past lawsuit involving a dog attack or a criminal citation for having a dangerous dog issued by a local police department. A Bridgeport animal attack attorney could help a bite victim seek out such evidence to demonstrate dog owner fault in relevant situations.

Dog Bite Injuries and Damages

A dog’s mouths usually contains millions of disease-causing bacteria. As a result, any injury that pierces the skin could quickly become infected without immediate medical treatment. If the dog’s owner cannot provide up-to-date immunization records, a victim of a dog attack may also need to endure painful rabies treatments.

Attacks by larger animals could also result in other long-lasting injuries. Bigger dogs have powerful jaws and sharp teeth that could tear at muscles or rip skin. The largest dogs may even be able to break bones.

A legally liable dog owner has a responsibility to compensate a victim for the costs of medical treatment associated with the attack. They may also bear liability for any lost wages endured by the victim and any mental anguish that may arise. A dog bite lawyer in Bridgeport could help victims evaluate their injuries and make demands for appropriate compensation.

A Bridgeport Dog Bite Attorney Could Work to Hold Negligent Dog Owners Responsible

All dog owners in Bridgeport and throughout the state must keep their animals under control and be aware of any propensities for violence that their pet has. A failure to properly control the animal, combined with a history of violence, may leave a dog owner legally liable for any resulting damage.

A Bridgeport dog bite lawyer could help victims of dog bite attacks hold the negligent owners responsible regarding of the circumstances under which the attack occurred. Call today to learn more.