Bridgeport Dangerous Drugs Lawyer

When you are in a weakened state because of illness or pain, you might want to take something to make you feel better. While medications can provide essential relief, some drugs unfortunately do more harm than good.

If you were harmed by your use of a prescription or over the counter medication, you might be eligible for a monetary award. With help from an experienced personal injury attorney, you could be compensated for your physical harms and mental anguish. Contact a capable Bridgeport dangerous drugs lawyer to see if you have a case.

What Responsibilities are Owed by Pharmaceutical Manufacturers?

While most medications have the potential to cause some unwanted effects, pharmaceutical manufacturers have a responsibility to take certain precautions to avoid harming consumers.

Adequate Testing

Modern medicine can be amazing, but whenever someone puts a pharmaceutical into their body, there is a chance that it will cause side effects. As such, the Food and Drug Administration regularly requires clinical trials before a drug may be sold to the public.

However, when dangerous medications are placed on the market without adequate testing, trusting patients may be seriously harmed. An pharmaceutical product liability attorney in Bridgeport could help injury victims prove a company’s misconduct.

Warning Consumers of Risks

An injured consumer or user may also be able to gain a legal remedy if their harms were a result of false or misleading information on medication packaging or advertising. Pharmaceutical companies have a responsibility to warn consumers of the potential side effects, yet they sometimes fail to disclose the dangers.

Patients who consume a medication without knowing the potential risks could be seriously harmed or even killed. In some cases, the side effects can be more severe than the condition the medication was supposed to treat. A competent Bridgeport dangerous drugs attorney could help victims gather evidence and present a strong case linking their injuries to their use of the medication.

What Damages Could a Person Recover from a Dangerous Drugs Claim?

In Bridgeport, injured plaintiffs can seek compensation, known as damages, from the responsible drug maker or seller. Recoverable damages in a dangerous drugs case commonly fall into two categories, economic and noneconomic.

Economic damages include compensation for losses that have a readily quantifiable dollar value. This can include payment for past and future medical expenses, ongoing care and rehabilitation, or lost wages.

Noneconomic damages are less tangible and can be more difficult to calculate. Victims may be eligible to recover compensation for pain and suffering, mental anguish, and loss of enjoyment of life. A dangerous medication attorney in Bridgeport could help victims identify the full extent of their losses and push for fair payment.

Call a Bridgeport Dangerous Medicines Attorney Today

If you were harmed by a hazardous pharmaceutical, you might be entitled to a legal remedy. A manufacturer or retailer could be responsible for compensating you for your losses.

Schedule an appointment today with a Bridgeport dangerous drugs lawyer to discuss your case. By holding negligent pharmaceutical companies accountable for their actions, you might stop them from harming others.