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When a driver in Bridgeport gets behind the wheel under the influence of alcohol, they put more than their own life at risk. Everyone from their passengers to other drivers on the road face a significant risk of injury due to their intoxication. If you sustained an injury in a DUI accident, a skilled personal injury attorney might be able to help you recover compensation for your injuries. Navigating the litigation process can be challenging on your own a Bridgeport drunk driving car accident lawyer could provide guidance and support.

Liability in a DUI Accident

Every lawsuit related to a car accident turns on a single issue: fault. When one party is at fault, they could face liability for the injuries to the other parties in the accident. Collisions involving drunken drivers are no exception.

In West Virginia, the legal limit for operating a motor vehicle is a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .08. When a driver’s BAC reaches .08 or more, they are in violation of the state’s DUI statute. While this is a criminal offense, it may also have an impact on civil litigation stemming from the accident. In fact, a Bridgeport DUI crash attorney could introduce the criminal conviction as evidence of fault at the civil trial.

The first party a Bridgeport drunk driving accident attorney might consider suing following a crash is the intoxicated driver. However, other entities could potentially share some of the blame. West Virginia recognizes a legal theory known as “dram shop.” Under this theory, a bartender or restaurant owner that overserves a patron can face liability for any injuries if the patron is in a car crash after they leave the establishment. To obtain compensation, a plaintiff must demonstrate that a bartender served a drunk driver that was “physically incapacitated” by alcohol.

Damages in a Bridgeport DUI Crash Lawsuit

Drunken driving crashes are known for their severe injuries. Thankfully, a plaintiff could recover compensation for any of the damages caused by a drunk driver. These potential damages include:

Medical Bills

Compensation for medical bills is a major part of a DUI crash lawsuit. The expense of emergency room visits, follow-up care, and physical therapy are extensive. A plaintiff has the right to seek compensation not only for previous treatment but future medical needs as well.

Lost Wages

An unfortunate but common side effect of sustaining an injury from a drunken driver is missing out on a paycheck. An injury lawsuit may seek lost wages following an accident as well as compensation for diminished future earnings.

Property Repair Costs

In a DUI crash, the plaintiff’s vehicle typically absorbs much of the impact. Thankfully, the cost of repairing or replacing a damaged vehicle is available in an injury lawsuit.

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When you file an injury lawsuit against the drunk driver who struck you, it provides an opportunity to recover the damages you deserve as well as hold that person responsible.

You have the right to pursue an injury claim stemming from a DUI by yourself. However, the amount of legal and scientific knowledge needed to prevail in these cases is considerable. For help maximizing your potential recovery, contact a Bridgeport drunk driving car accident attorney.