Bridgeport Bus Accident Lawyer

Buses are a valuable part of American infrastructure, and many Bridgeport residents rely on buses to meet their transportation needs. Regrettably, bus accidents do occur, and they can lead to serious injuries to both passengers and other motorists.

If you were hurt in a bus crash, you may want to speak with an experienced personal injury attorney about your legal options. A Bridgeport bus accident lawyer may be able to help you recover compensation for your injuries.

Filing a Lawsuit after a Bus Crash

Bridgeport bus crash victims may suffer physical, emotional, and property damages. Fortunately, all of these losses are recoverable in a personal injury lawsuit.

Could a Bus Accident Victim Recover Compensation if they Share Blame?

In some bus accident cases, both the injury victim and the negligent driver share responsibility. Under the West Virginia Code, plaintiffs who are partially at fault may still be able to recover damages, but their compensation would be reduced by their percentage of fault. A Bridgeport bus accident attorney could further explain the concept of comparative negligence and how it applies to a particular case.

When Bus Drivers Break the Law

An injury victim might be able to demonstrate that the bus driver was in violation of traffic laws when they caused the accident. In these cases, a Bridgeport bus accident attorney may be able to use such a violation as evidence of negligence in favor of injured clients.

Per W.Va. Code §55-7-9, if a bus driver violates the vehicle code, a passenger or motorist might be able to recover a monetary award from them.

What are the Rules of the Law for Bridgeport Bus Drivers?

Bus drivers are subject to many of the same rules of the road as other motorists, such as obeying traffic signals and speed limits. However, bus drivers are subject to extra rules and regulations.

Per W.Va. Code §17B-2-4, a school bus driver, or any driver of a multi-passenger vehicle that accepts compensation, must have a specialized endorsement. Because public transit buses are large and carry passengers who can be noisy, the drivers need to be trained to handle such a responsibility. School bus drivers also need to be trained on how to operate the lights and other equipment that promote the safety of the children as they get on and off the bus.

If a motorist or passenger was injured because the bus driver was improperly licensed or trained, they might have a cause of action against the bus company. A skilled bus accident lawyer in Bridgeport could analyze the facts of a situation to identify the responsible parties and all potential sources of compensation.

Schedule an Appointment with a Bridgeport Bus Accident Attorney

If you were injured in a bus accident, a personal injury attorney may be able to help you pursue compensation for your damaged property and physical injuries. Whether you were hurt while riding a bus or your vehicle collided with one, you may have grounds for a lawsuit. Speak with a Bridgeport bus accident lawyer to see if you have a case.