W.Va. Wrongful Death Claim | Upshur County Wrongful Death Attorney

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If you’ve lost a loved one in an accident that was due to someone else’s negligence, you may be entitled to compensation through a wrongful death claim. Upshur County wrongful death attorneys handle claims resulting from all kinds of accidents, but some accidents are more common than others.

The legal term “wrongful death” refers to a death that happened because of someone’s careless actions. In any type of personal injury case, it needs to be determined whether the harm that occurred was the fault of someone other than the victim. Could the accident have been avoided if someone who had a degree of control over the conditions acted in a more responsible way? If so, then that person may be found negligent.

For example, in a wrongful death claim, a doctor can be found negligent if he or she fails to properly diagnose or treat someone’s illness and that misdiagnosis leads to the patient’s death. A hearing will be held to determine whether the physician failed to provide the patient with an acceptable standard of care. In another example, if a property owner fails to exercise reasonable care of his or her property, and as a result someone suffers a deadly injury because of the lack of repair on that property, the owner can be held liable.

Although the family of the deceased may feel overwhelmed following their loved one’s death, it’s important that they seek legal counsel. The sooner the family pursues the case, the better the chance that there will be evidence available. Also, because any type of injury claim can take time to process, it’s best to begin as soon as possible, so the family can receive the compensation they need to cover hospital bills, funeral costs, and other debts.

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