Why Not Hiring a Lawyer is a Mistake

Miley Legal Group

“I don’t need a lawyer!”

We hear this statement all the time!  People injured in an accident, sometimes severely injured, with life-altering consequences, claim that they can handle the insurance company themselves and save them some money.

“Attorneys just want a piece of my settlement!”

If you are in a situation that you either hear that statement or say it yourself, then you or your friend is already in the mindset that insurance adjusters love.  Insurance companies do not want you to hire an attorney for your injury claim.  Plain and simple, if you hire an attorney it costs them more money.  In fact, several studies have shown that accident victims that hire an attorney settle their case for more than if they take on the insurance company by themselves.  A survey done by Lawyers.com of showed that on average a settlement claim with the assistance of a lawyer was 340% above what those surveyed received that did not hire an attorney.

“This can’t be too difficult, why hire an attorney.”

It is difficult, and you should hire a lawyer with experiences.  Insurance adjusters work claims every day.  Day in and day out, the insurance adjuster you are dealing with has dealt with injury claims similar to yours and will use that experience to his advantage.  Insurance companies train their employees to be shrewd negotiators.  You are speaking to a highly trained adjuster who is paid and probably receives bonuses based on how little they can settle claims for.  In the end, an inexperienced accident victim will be out-negotiated every time.  That results in less money for you and less money to take care of the bills that have resulted from the accident.

 “My health insurance will pay my bills, and I get to keep all of the money.”

Wrong again.  One of the most difficult aspects of an injury claim is dealing with medical bills and all of the multiple insurance companies that will be involved.  Did you know that a majority of health insurance policies will place a lien on your settlement in an attempt to get back the money they paid out because of the accident?  It’s called subrogation and your insurance company takes this very seriously.  You may need an attorney just to navigate you through that large amount of red tape.

In general, it is best to hire a lawyer if you have been severely injured due to the negligence of another person, whether it be in a car accident or due to a dog bite.  The insurance claim system is difficult to navigate and the one thing that will help you get through it without being taken advantage of is by hiring a lawyer.  Put all of the stigmas aside and just set a time to speak with one about your case.