Why Evidence is Important in a Multi-Vehicle Crash

Miley Legal Group

One of the more complicated types of accident cases is that involving three or more vehicles. Responsibility could be with just one driver, two, or all three. Because of this complexity, it’s critical to have ample evidence that demonstrates fault.

What types of evidence could help establish fault in a multi-vehicle crash?

Evidence collection begins right at the scene of the accident. The final resting spot of the vehicles and the location of damage will oftentimes help establish what might have caused the crash. Getting pictures right away can be invaluable to this type of case.

Accident victims should take photos of:

  • any debris lying in the street;
  • damaged property (such as a fence or light pole);
  • skid marks; and
  • basically anything else that seems like it might be relevant.

The Department of Motor Vehicles suggests the following to support your photographic evidence, “After snapping photos, take a few moments to record the events of the crash on paper. Details are important. If the case goes to court, there will be a lot of time ― usually months― between the crash and the trial, causing your memory to dim. Notes can help preserve accuracy.”

Witnesses are also helpful. Someone in another vehicle or a passerby may have seen the whole thing happen. Some witnesses might have only seen a portion of the event. Be sure to get their names and phone numbers to contact them later.

Responding law enforcement will complete an accident report which may contain:

  • a diagram;
  • a summary of statements by all involved drivers; and
  • sometimes the officer’s opinion as to what likely happened.

Be sure to get a copy of the report or ask how to obtain a copy at a later date.

Proving fault in a multi-vehicle accident requires not only evidence but in some cases, assistance from legal counsel. This is especially true if someone was seriously injured or there is a dispute regarding fault. Contact The Miley Legal Group at 304-931-4088 to schedule a consultation.