When does your Accident turn into an Injury Case?

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When does an accident claim turn into a personal injury case?

Accident law in West Virginia has become very complicated over the years.  With recent changes in insurance regulations, claim limits and even liability requirements, accident cases have become more complicated.  So when does an accident get to the point that it turns into an injury case?  Well there are a number of ways to determine if you have a case.  More specifically, in looking at your accident and any potential injuries, you can make that decision on whether you need to hire a lawyer or not.  Your interactions or lack thereof with an insurance company play a key role as well!

Here are some questions that you might consider when deciding whether or not to call an experienced West Virginia personal injury attorney to take on your case:

  1. Was the accident caused by another person’s negligence?
  2. Were you injured as a result of another’s actions?
  3. Did you visit a doctor or hospital due to physical or mental injuries?
  4. Did you have any lost wages or vacation time?
  5. Have you had ongoing treatment for your injuries?
  6. Do you have a permanent disability as a result of the accident?
  7. Do your injuries impact your daily life?

Your Accident Claim can quickly turn into a Car Accident Case!

If you answered yes to one or more of the above questions, then your claim will lead to an injury case.  Under these circumstances, it may be difficult for you to handle the claim on your own.  You might believe you CAN handle it on your own, but there are many parts of an injury claim that you will not be aware of and only an experienced accident attorney can show those to you!

Select an Accident Lawyer that will Help You Win your case.

Once you have determined that you have an accident case and you want to look to an attorney, you need to find one with experience.  Your attorney should provide you with information that can help you win your case and have the tools necessary to deal with an insurance company set out to hurt you and your family.

Your accident attorney can help you take care of your medical bills, identify everyone that has a responsibility in your accident, deal with the insurance company and help you get back on your feet.  Your accident attorney will give you the resources you need to get through your accident case and back to your everyday life.  If you have an accident claim that just deals with damage to your vehicle, you do not need an attorney, but if you have an accident case that deals with medical bills, multiple insurance adjusters and it was the fault of another driver, you need a lawyer.