What to do with a Punctured Lung Injury after a Car Accident in Bridgeport, West Virginia

Miley Legal Group

In the immediate aftermath of a serious car accident in Bridgeport, West Virginia, panic can quickly set in, especially when a victim is experiencing scary symptoms that accompany an injury like a punctured lung.

Obtaining immediate medical attention will be your top priority after a serious collision. Then, when all is said and done, you’ll want to speak to an attorney in Harrison County about an injury claim.

After an accident, there are a few key symptoms that might mean a lung has been punctured, such as: 

  • shortness of breath or abnormal breathing;
  • chest pain that gets worse when you try to breath in or cough; and
  • marked fatigue.

After 9-1-1 has been notified of the accident, you’ll need to try to find a safe place to rest until the paramedics have arrived.  As you’re waiting for medical help, it’s important to: 

  • remain calm and still;
  • avoid coughing or making too much noise;
  • do your best to avoid gasping;
  • avoid drinking anything; and
  • stay in an upright position, if possible.

When paramedics arrive, you’ll likely be quickly taken to a local hospital for help. With swift treatment, chances of survival are quite good.

If you or a loved one has suffered serious injuries, such as punctured lung injuries in an accident around Bridgeport, West Virginia, you might be able to file an injury claim. Discuss the details of your situation with an attorney in Harrison County that handles personal injury law.