What to Do When You’ve Been a Victim in a West Virginia Dog Attack

Miley Legal Group

A West Virginia dog attack can leave temporary or permanent injuries that you may be eligible to pursue compensation for by hiring a Clarksburg dog bite lawyer.

A West Virginia dog attack can create minor injuries or major injuries, such as disfigurement to your face or other body parts. Your West Virginia dog attack injuries can physically damage your appearance and result in emotional scarring.

If you’ve been involved in a West Virginia dog attack, it’s imperative to take action immediately:  

  • Seek medical attention;
  • Get owner’s contact information and take pictures of your dog bite injuries;
  • Keep your receipts as evidence, such as medical bills, prescriptions, therapy visits, etc.; and
  • work with a Bridgeport dog bite lawyer to pursue full compensation for your dog bite injuries.

When you’re a victim of a West Virginia dog attack, the owner’s homeowner’s insurance will evaluate your case and estimate the value of your dog bite injuries. Homeowner’s insurance sometimes does not consider either plastic surgery costs necessary or psychological therapy costs you may need if you suffer emotional effects from your West Virginia dog attack.

A Bridgeport dog bite lawyer considers these factors and more when determining the value of your case and will fight for the compensation you deserve after a dog bite attack in West Virginia.