What to After a West Virginia Hunting Accident that Leaves Gunshot Wounds

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Even hunters with the best intentions can be involved in a hunting accident. Gunshot wounds are very serious and can happen out in the wilderness where it can be hard to get the right medical treatment quickly. If you were involved in a West Virginia accident a lawyer in Clarksburg could be able to help.

Medical Aid for Gunshot Wounds

If you find yourself with a hunting accident on your hands during a hunting outing there are steps you should take immediately to help the victim including:  

  • inspect the wound and look for the exit wound;
  • remove the clothing around the affected area;
  • cover the wound with gauze or other bandage;
  • apply pressure to control bleeding;
  • if possible elevate the limb with the wound; and
  • call 911 immediately.

A hunting accident resulting in gunshot wounds can be prevented if you follow the correct hunting safety precautions. You should know what to do in case of a hunting accident before you go out.

If you or a loved one was injured in a West Virginia accident you should contact a lawyer in Clarksburg to learn about how to file a personal injury claim to pick up compensation for your medical bills and emotional distress after a hunting accident.