What is Medical Payments Coverage and Why is it Important?

Miley Legal Group

Everyday millions of people begin their day with a commute. The last thought on your mind is being involved in an automobile accident until…..you are traveling down the road and another driver runs a red light and crashes into you.  Unfortunately, you are now the victim of a negligent driver.

You have been transported by ambulance to the local emergency room. You suffer from minor injuries, but will have several follow-up doctor appointments. The next thought that crosses your mind is, who is going to pay for my medical expenses? Why should I have to pay for injuries that I suffered that weren’t my fault? Typically, the other driver’s insurance company does not pay medical expenses until you have finished your treatment.  A simple answer awaits all your questions – Medical payments coverage, from your automobile insurance policy will assist in paying for your medical expenses.

You may ask, what is ‘medical payments coverage’ and am I eligible to receive this coverage? Medical payments coverage is an option that you can purchase on your automobile insurance policy. Medical payments coverage, often referred to as med-pay is used to pay for incident-related medical expenses accrued during an automobile collision. There are different amounts of med-pay that can be purchased through your automobile insurance carrier. Medical payments coverage can range from as little as $1,000 to as much as $100,000.00 in coverage, depending on your insurance carrier.  Med-pay is not required in West Virginia, however, the coverage is highly recommended for you to purchase. Depending on the amount of coverage that you choose, med-pay is typically low in cost on your monthly premium.

The next thought that crosses your mind is what will my passenger(s) do about their medical expenses? No worries, if you have med-pay on your policy your passenger(s) are covered as well. Med-pay will apply to the driver and passenger(s) in the vehicle that has med-pay coverage.

Making a claim with your insurance company to access your med-pay coverage is one of the first steps that you want to take after being involved in an automobile collision. Med-pay coverage will help ease some of your worries or financial burdens. It is highly recommend to choose a higher med-pay coverage if you are not insured with any type of health insurance coverage. In some cases, after your med-pay coverage has been exhausted, your health insurance will then cover the cost of your medical expenses. Further discussion on medical payments insurance can be found here.

All of this can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you have never experienced this type of incident before. The attorneys and staff at The Miley Legal Group are highly skilled and experienced in setting up claims with the insurance companies and assisting victims of negligent drivers.