West Virginia Hunting Accident with Gunshot Wounds | Lawyer Clarksburg

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Every year hunters head into the woods for the sport and fun of hunting. However, a hunting accident can happen if you are not careful. Injuries from a gun are one of the most common accidents that can happen while out hunting or dealing with the guns used for hunting.

If you suffered gunshot wounds in a hunting accident that wasn’t your fault you should contact a West Virginia accident lawyer in Clarksburg to see what your options are for legal recourse. By adhering to safety rules serious injuries could be prevented altogether.

Basic Rules of Firearm Safety

It is always important to be prepared when entering the wilderness to hunt. You can prevent a serious hunting accident by following these rules.  

  • Care for every gun as if it is loaded – sometimes hunters believe all their rounds have been shot when they really have miscounted. It’s possible that someone else loaded your fun without you knowing too. The possession of a firearm should be taken seriously.
  • Always point a gun away from people – gunshot wounds can happen on accident if the gun is pointed towards someone, or something, it should not be. Point the gun at the ground when not in use and never jokingly point a gun toward a person.
  • Identify your target – when using your gun in hunting or practicing with a target it is vital to insure that that you can see your target and that there is no person behind it.
  • Keep your firearm maintained – faulty triggers or other mechanical errors can cause deadly gunshot wounds on accident.
  • Do not drink alcohol while hunting – many recreational hunting trips involve drinking but this can lead to a dangerous situation and a West Virginia accident that could be deadly.
  • Dress appropriately – if you know you are going to be in an area with other hunters be sure to dress in bright colors and use other accessories to let people know you are there.

If you follow these rules you can avoid a West Virginia accident involving gunshot wounds and also avoid having to be involved in a legal case with a lawyer. If you were involved in a hunting accident that left you with serious injuries caused by a careless or negligent hunter you need to contact a lawyer in Clarksburg to file a personal injury claim to not only hold them responsible, but to receive compensation that can help with your medical bills and other expenses.