We received a great review and we didn’t take their case!

Miley Legal Group

Late last week, I opened my email to find a notification from our internal office system that we had received a review posted on our webpage RateMileyLegal.com.  I am always excited to get these types of messages because it means that we impacted someone enough that they took the additional steps, went online to give us a review and hopefully continued on to rating services like Google+ and Facebook to give us 5 stars.  (Feel free to go check it out and rate us if you want! We appreciate all feedback.)  I was moved to share this review because it highlights the services we still provide, even if you do not have a case we can take.

As with most law firms in our region, we specialize in specific areas of the law, including personal injury, accident cases, dog bites and other areas, you can see them all by clicking on our website.  When we receive a call from someone that does not have a case that we specialize in, we take the additional steps to ensure that they have the information they need to make an educated decision.

First, we provide them with a list of attorneys in our area that we recommend can help them with their matter.  The list is provided immediately on the phone call and then followed up by email or with a letter.  It is our policy to only recommend attorneys that we would use ourselves for that particular situation.  Second, we provide the caller with a book on how to select the right attorney for them.  Our book the 5 Critical Factors You Must Consider Before You Hire a Lawyer was written by Tim to outline the important questions you should ask an attorney before you agree to hire them.  It goes into great detail and is an excellent resource.  Why do we do all this?  We want our those in our community to have the best information available to them and take pride in being a source of that information.

We get excited when our work is recognized.  One of the highest form of praise for an attorney is for a past client or customer to refer him to family and friends.  We received a review from a caller posted to our page that praises us for our professionalism and the extra steps we took to help.  The reviewer then went on to rate us a 10 for how likely they would be to refer us.  Here read the review for yourself:

We work hard to make sure every person that contacts our office by phone or any other means is served the best way possible based on their circumstances.  If you have not checked out our full website make sure you do, you will find answers to common questions, videos explaining the legal process and even blog posts that discuss current events.  We take pride in being an authority in this area of the law and we enjoy sharing the information we have with the community.