Ways Hunting Club Owners Can Reduce Liability in Clarksburg

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When hunters or other visitors are injured while on a hunting preserve or at a hunting club, the company may be responsible for the victim’s injuries. Owners can reduce their liability by taking the necessary steps to ensure their property is reasonably safe and that everyone that comes to the property is aware of any hazards or dangers.

Ways to Reduce Liability on Hunting Grounds

In its factsheet, Recreational Access and Liability: What Landowners Should Know, Clemson University Cooperative Extension’s Department of Forestry & Natural Resources lists 13 ways landowners and hunting club owners can reduce their liability and promote safety on their property.

  1. Identify all potential hazards on the property.
  2. Create and implement rules for accident prevention.
  3. Educate those who come to the property about the rules and have them sign a statement that says they understand the rules.
  4. Require that all hunters sign a waiver or written release (hold-harmless agreement). This will help reduce liability, but doesn’t exclude owners from being held liable if they act carelessly or negligently.
  5. Purchase liability insurance coverage.
  6. Clearly mark all the gates. Single strand, unmarked wire gates are insufficient.
  7. Provide proof from the hunters such as references or training classes that verify that they display safe behavior and adhere to game laws.
  8. Put up adequate signage to ward of trespassers.
  9. Clearly mark safety or “no hunting” zones on the property and in the direction of buildings.
  10.  Make it clear that unsportsmanlike behavior will not be tolerated.
  11. Explain to the hunters that they are to use their best judgment and common sense.
  12. Keep detailed and up-to-date records of all the maintenance, improvements, and repairs you’ve done.
  13. Inspect your property and facilities on a regular basis and monitor risks.

Injured at a hunting club? The Owner May Be Liable

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