Warnings Or Not: Motorcycle Riders Are Still Going To Get Hurt

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It has been a hot summer. The heat has been blazing on the roadways, and the asphalt is just calling out to be used by bikers and their buddies. So they respond in droves. Hundred in fact, sometimes thousands of motorcycles are on our roadways across the region and state. They are out to enjoy the weather and to get where they need to go….preferably in one piece. That last wish depends on a number of factors, including other drivers. In fact, most motorcycle accidents that occur on our roadways are not caused by the biker themselves, but most of the time they are caused by other drivers that are either distracted or the drivers that do not provide the space needed for bikers and their rides.

Do Motorcycle Accident Awareness Programs by Motorcycle Lawyers Work?

A motorcycle accident is disastrous. Plain and simple, when another type of vehicle hits a bike it always ends with the rider hurt the most. There have been no examples of accidents involving motorcycles that the driver inside a car is injured more. Once a bike is hit, it does one of two things, it slams into the object that ran into it, or it is thrown a good deal of distance up the road, there is never an in between. And regardless of what happens to the bike, the rider is heading the same way with the result just the same….tore up and heavily damaged.

So What Can be Done to Prevent Motorcycle Accidents?

So what can be done? Most of the time it doesn’t matter, we can spout off warnings, provide yard signs, run commercials and do what we can to plead with drivers to be more aware of motorcycle riders and their bikes. We have already had at least two fatalities in our region of riders, and with the biker event season just revving up, we can only expect more. So what can you do? As either a rider of a motorcycle or a driver of a vehicle…just be aware. You have to share the road; it doesn’t matter what you are doing or where you are heading, just being aware and driving appropriately can only work to help prevent accidents.

Message to Motorcycle Riders from Motorcycle Accident Lawyer.

To all of the motorcycle riders out there: Have Fun! Enjoy yourself, riding a bike is a thrill and adds enjoyment to even the most mundane existence. Your motorcycle should be used for pleasure. But always remember to keep in mind that you cannot control the actions of others, especially other drivers. You never know if the car that is approaching you is distracted, on drugs or even just plain inexperienced. The amount of care you take in preparing yourself and being ready for anything will better help you avoid and even survive an accident.

To those that do not ride a motorcycle, for the sake of a rider and his or her loved ones, watch out! Be aware and know the rules of the road when dealing with bikes….and any other situation.

Tom Davis is an avid motorcycle rider. He loves his Harley, and he loves his family. Help protect him and other bikers this weekend and every day!